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January 8, 2021

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Waste & Recycling One – ‘The World’s Most Advanced Waste Management Software’

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As seen in the Q1 2021 edition of the CEO Magazine ‘Waste & Recycling One – The World’s Most Advanced Waste Management Software’

The Strategic Partnership

The Rumpke family has operated one of America’s largest waste and recycling companies for almost 100 years providing residential and commercial waste and recycling services to the Mid-West. No other waste collection provider has as many customer focused offerings as Rumpke or provides their range of services.

In 2018, ISB Global entered a strategic partnership with Rumpke Waste & Recycling, launching an implementation of ISB Global’s Waste & Recycling One, integrated with SAP S/4HANA. The collaborative project represents a software technology revolution for the Environmental Sector.

Key to the success of the partnership is a completely refactored Waste and Recycling One solution, using the most advanced enterprise application architecture available. Integrated with SAP S/4HANA, the combined solution will see Rumpke grow for the next 100 years.

Rumpke and ISB Global – A Perfect Match

The alliance is based on a shared enthusiasm and resolution to demonstrate industry-leading practice in enterprise-grade waste and recycling software.

The Rumpke team were impressed with ISB Global’s use of software technology, understanding of sector business processes and pragmatic approach to the challenges of the industry. Working together, the teams have refactored 15 years of global industry best practices onto the OutSystems platform and integrated to SAP S/4 HANA ERP in record time.

The refreshed waste and materials business processes are designed to suit both large and small enterprises and offer the unique ability to use data to build applications within the platform in an aPaaS model, facilitating rapid digital transformation, which Rumpke has quickly applied.

The ambitious project posed many challenges for the joint team, yet the combination of ISB Global’s innovative approach, Rumpke’s experience, and the OutSystems platform delivered successful solutions to questions of process, workflow, data management, analytics, and user experience.

ISB Global and Rumpke have developed a powerful relationship, building a trust and friendship between teams that has served to speed the project further, with award-winning project and change communications helping them to address challenges and get them solved quickly.

The teams are now preparing for a smooth transition into go-live and support.

What is Low Code?

OutSystems’ low code development platform provided the toolkit for Waste & Recycling One’s advance to a mobile and web innovations suite. This has enhanced IoT, integration and the use of operations and accounting data, control and information capture from remote assets, and helped simplify the complex relationships that exist between customers and suppliers in the sector.

Waste & Recycling One provides the baseline components for operational planning, execution, tracking variance, confirmation and accounting cycles and is now completely automated, with the advantages of quickly deploying new applications, processes and connectivity via the low code platform.

The Technical Revolution

ISB Global follow the Gartner Bi-Modal Application Strategy. Mode 1 is digital core (SAP/ERP), Mode 2 is Low Code (aPaaS/OutSystems). Waste and Recycling One is deployed on OutSystems and integrates with ERP.

Rumpke was so inspired by OutSystems (aPaaS) they purchased it to enhance their digital transformation and strengthen their leadership of the sector.

Waste and Recycling One is published in eye-readable format, so there are no secrets, no surprises; the system allows users to view and connect to the Waste & Recycling One application to build their entire digital layer.

With ISB Global’s support, Rumpke have refactored their four Safety Apps onto the OutSystems platform – previously unachievable with legacy enterprise architecture.

Global Standards and Industry Benchmarks

ISB Global is head-quartered in London, UK and is an OutSystems, SAP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner.

Established in 1998 and becoming an SAP Partner in 2005, ISB Global initially developed Waste & Recycling One within the framework of SAP Business One, SAP’s small to mid-size (SME) Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) product.

Meticulously integrated to ERP, Waste & Recycling One serves the requirements of waste transport and recycling materials operations. Since 2005, Waste & Recycling One has been implemented in North America, Central America, Europe, Africa and the UK.

The sector has been receptive to Waste & Recycling One, demand has accelerated due to the circular economy, climate change and the increasing drive for efficient digital transformation.

Waste & Recycling One is of specific interest for exceptional businesses operating within the sector. These businesses typically have multiple bespoke, legacy applications and ERP customisations, which are either end of life, incompatible or just not fit for purpose.

The technical revolution of Waste & Recycling One allows businesses to unite all business processes in one system and synchronise business intelligence across departments. This offers great opportunity for companies who understand that software technology is an enabler for efficiency and growth.

The Future

The partnership of Rumpke and ISB Global will be the foundation and continued catalyst for growth for both parties. It is also an investment for a progressive industry that will shape sustainable business and the environment sector in the next century.

By applying best-in-class standards and processes to new and emerging technologies, the partners will advance waste, recycling and the use of materials in a circular economy to the benefit of the whole planet.