Our industry-leading waste management software solution delivers efficiencies and increased profits. This in turn helps businesses with their drive towards a Circular Economy, leading us towards Net Zero targets.

The need for waste management software

There is a clear desire in the waste and recycling industry for integrated software solutions that support businesses to provide a wide range of services, drive a circular economy and become more competitive. Historically, companies in the sector use a number of software platforms, often to support individual functions such as finance or shift planning. Whilst this has helped organisations to manage these functions, it doesn’t offer the integrated reporting and visibility that growing companies need to sustain their business.

Time to review the way software is used in your business? These questions are a good place to start:

  • Is my software integrated across the business?
  • Do I have access to dedicated support, updates and training?
  • Can I access real-time data to help with decision making?
  • Can I run accurate reports across my business that meet regulatory and commercial requirements?
  • Can I contact all the vendors of my current software, and are they supporting me?
  • Does my current software set-up support commercial efficiencies in the business?

Using a single commercial waste management software solution will help to deliver measurable efficiencies in your business, allow you to work smarter, deliver improved customer service and give your business a competitive edge.

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Your waste and recycling software solution

Waste and Recycling One (WR1) is a waste management software solution that standardises, integrates, simplifies, and automates all your waste and recycling processes, creating measurable efficiencies throughout the business.

Waste & Recycling One governs and controls data and key processes for all waste transport and materials recycling operations. From waste collection to recycling and selling materials, isn’t it time you had instant control and complete visibility across your entire waste management and recycling operation?

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Partner Companies

Waste and Recycling One is a product built on collaboration. We have implemented technology from some of the world’s leading tech partners into our waste management software solution, giving you access to a state-of-the-art platform that gives your business a competitive edge.



– Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Because we’ve chosen to work with these expert vendors, you can be confident that our software solution is built and runs on technology that you can trust. And we’re confident that we can deliver the results you need.

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