Waste Management Business Intelligence (BI) you can trust

Reliable Business Intelligence (BI) empowers your organisation with real-time data to help inform their decisions and aid operational and business planning. Waste and Recycling One has been designed to handle the complexity of the sector, giving you Business Intelligence you trust.

Whole-business reporting

Bring together data from disparate systems and software into a single source of truth. Our software solution integrates legacy systems to help you overcome the common challenges the waste management industry faces extracting and compiling accurate data for reporting and analytics.

Empower your employees to make better strategic decisions

Use whole business reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) that has real-time accuracy via the worlds most advanced waste management software. Basing your future decisions off better data delivers greater results, faster.

Business Intelligence integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud

Gain access to BI that you completely trust by using the world-leading SAP BI Platform “SAP Analytics Cloud”. Our ‘Waste and Recycling One’ solution has a range of Analytics, Dashboards, and Grids. Use these to access real-time access to the data for end-to-end operations.

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Why accurate BI is so hard to get?

In an increasingly mobile workforce, data is often inputted via different platforms or apps on a range of different devices. Unless this data is then integrated in real-time, silos of data are created. Data is sometimes even sat on individual’s ‘desks’. This means that when you require BI, there might be key pieces of data that are ‘sat’ elsewhere.

Your data needs to be integrated.

Your data needs to be unified.

Waste & Recycling One is the solution.

Any silos of data need to be broken down before you can analyse and interpret the results.

Too often, data is also not standardised across different business outputs, and cannot be compared, making it hard to ensure information is dependable. Therefore, you cannot use it collectively to create forecasts, predictions, or aid in business management or continual improvement.

Before you can gain full insight throughout the entire operation, all data collected needs to be integrated and interpreted. Once this is complete, technology and intellect from various scalable tools can help predict future trends. You can gain continual answers to greater efficiency and profitability.

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Issues that Reporting and BI can Address

The Value of Reporting and Business Intelligence

Analytics and intelligence can help companies manage and improve business processes. BI technology brings the following benefits:

Actionable insights: discover actionable insights by using AI-powered BI and analytics tools. These can empower your employees to uncover and act on real-time information. You can analyse past and present situations – and simulate and prepare for the future.

Business Intelligence: Gain 24×7 access to the business intelligence and data analysis tools. These can help you to make faster, more informed decisions.

Data Warehousing: Make data-driven decisions based on real-time data. You can do this by establishing a single source of truth for your organisation.

Enterprise Planning: Empower every business area to collaborate in real-time. You can achieve this by breaking down data silos, unifying plans, and aligning processes.

By implementing Waste and Recycling One (WR1) you can gain access to instant, real-time reporting, analytics, and BI.

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Key business intelligence can be produced by WR1

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