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With over 20 year’s experience in the waste management and recycling sector, we understand the challenges you face. Our Waste Management Software offers the solution to the industry’s most common challenges.

Integrating & Modernising Legacy Waste Management Systems

Many waste management and recycling companies use multiple applications with multiple data sources. Most of these can’t talk to each other, causing industry challenges such as problems and delays in managing and understanding what’s really going on across your business.

Consider the time spent compiling data from different sources into monthly or weekly reports, perhaps in a spreadsheet. That’s administration time that could be spent better on activities to service your clients and to grow your business. Plus, the reports generated will be out of date as soon as the dataset is updated.

Our ‘Waste and Recycling One’ software solution solves this problem. It provides one integrated system and a fully connected organisation, with access to real-time data and the option to automate repetitive tasks. All of this leads to greater operational and business efficiencies.

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Waste Management Reporting & Business Intelligence

Once your systems are integrated, you have a view of your whole business.

Whole business reporting and reliable Business Intelligence (BI) empowers your organisation with accurate, real-time data to help inform their decisions and aid operational and business planning.

Using world-leading SAP technology and the advanced analytical tools, you can now have BI that you completely trust, helping you to make smarter decisions, faster.

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Whole business reporting and Business Intelligence (BI)

Easy Compliance Reporting

Are you at risk of failing to meet your legislative and compliance obligations?

Waste and Recycling companies need to report on so many different areas to internal and governmental bodies. And as legislation continues to grow and evolve

We’ve designed Waste and Recycling One so that you can quickly generate the reports needed, maintaining accuracy to ensure confidence and provide clear compliance reporting.

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Improving Operational Efficiency

As a measure of how profitable your company is, your Operational Efficiency is crucial to strong business performance.

With our extensive experience in waste management and recycling, our waste management software solution has been designed to drive improvements across the organisation, leading to better Operational Efficiency.

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Improving your Operational Efficiency Rate

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