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Waste Recycling One for SAP Business One

July 22, 2015

Waste Recycling One from ISB Global

Waste Recycling One
Waste Recycling One

True Integration

Waste Recycling One from ISB Global is an industry specific software add on for SAP Business One. It’s built within the framework of SAP Business One using the Software Development Kit (SDK) and focuses on operations, suiting waste logistics and recycling of materials, while the completely integrated SAP Business One manages accounting, purchasing, CRM, sales and analytics.

Industry Specific

SAP Business One and Waste Recycling One, has a vast range of functions covering the full pre-configured requirements for a small to mid sized business in the waste and recycling sector, from companies focused on transport and haulage, bulking up materials or companies concentrating on the reprocessing of materials.

Deployment Options

The software can be deployed on premise, hosted or as a service (SaaS) in the cloud suiting preference and budget, from a handful of users to multi-national and country-wide deployments. The unique proposition being that it is fully integrated and also complemented by mobile and web apps, SmartWorld, which extends the core operations and accounting functions into the field, available on any device and any operating system.

Compelling Benefits

The benefits of using SAP Business One, Waste Recycling One and SmartWorld mobile and web apps are well documented, saving time and administration by 20-80% in each process area, focusing on financial and operational returns, while the longer term benefits allow for strategic and technical advantages such as enhancing customer services and being able to utilise additional analytics applications from SAP’s range of reporting tools.

Controlled Implementation

The implementation of the software is a carefully controlled project that delivers a tailored suite of software solutions to match your business processes – (or choose from pre-configured industry best practices already live in the software) scope, documenting, training and testing, ready for go-live and the huge benefits working on a fully integrated software solution and automation bring.

Functional Array

Waste Recycling One
Linking Departments & Teams

  • User defined dashboards manage workflow, reporting, activities, alerts and key performance indicators
  • Business Partner Master Data and the Customer & Supplier Interaction Centre allows for automation of tasks while delivering strict control over the entire business process
  • Contracts & Forecasting manages the supply of inbound and outbound materials at defined service levels via the directly integrated weighbridge
  • Prebook Instruction Manager (PBI) manages the automatic scheduling, routes and billing of regular, cyclical jobs
  • The Work Order and Work Order Row (WOR) is the focal point for job instruction, capturing everything required to execute the job, detailing line level profitability on every task and activity
  • Order Schedule Manager (OSM) details a user defined sequence of jobs based on a set of customisable filters
  • Service Call extends the embedded CRM functionality and allows for comprehensive customer service tracking, assigning, fulfilment and auditability based on predefined SLA’s
  • Route & Sequence Management allows for the drag and drop assignment of jobs to a round and order sequence, subsequently optimising and managing vehicle capacity
  • Disposal Order manages the inbound materials for recycling or preprocessing, simply capturing an ad hoc order or booking materials into inventory and into a production process
  • Billing Manager takes an operational order and monitors the semi/automated or manual process ready for an accounting transaction in SAP
  • Sales & Purchase Orders are raised semi/automatically or manually from each Work Order/Row allowing for total automated control of materials trading, intra/intercompany transactions and subcontractor management
  • Fixed Assets, Plant Rental & Maintenance allows for the automated scheduling and maintaining of fixed, leased and operational assets for full plant and depot control
  • Integrated Accounting & Financials allows for the automated billing and banking of activities cutting time and administration while ensuring accuracy and profitability

Download Waste Recycling One Overview