OutSystems Partnership with ISB Global

ISB Global uses the OutSystems Low Code development platform.

ISB Global is an OutSystems Partner

OutSystems Low Code platform powers the ability to create new and innovative applications. As an OutSystems partner, all of Waste & Recycling One is deployed on OutSystems.

OutSystems is an advanced application platform designed to accelerate the development of software applications. It does this while delivering unrivalled levels of flexibility and efficiency.

Being an OutSystems partner means Waste and Recycling One is published to the customer in an eye-readable format. There are no secrets, no surprises. It also gives clients the ability to create new applications in a low code environment.

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OutSystems Partnership Benefits

  • Enhanced customer experience, business innovation, process automation, and application modernisation
  • Empowered IT and business operations to deliver low code modules and apps
  • Easy support for the entire application development lifecycle
  • Standard architecture enables fast, easy development and delivery of high-achieving applications on non-proprietary technologies
  • Delivering secure applications, data transfer, integration, and security policies
  • Design and extend advanced integration with prebuilt tools that cater to multiple integration scenarios

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