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Software that integrates, automates, and simplifies to drive greater operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability for organisations that operate in the waste, recycling, clean energy, and environmental sector. Creating clean, efficient operations that contribute positively to the environment and circular economy.


Software for Waste and Recycling

More than 20 years of experience providing solutions for the waste and recycling sector has enabled us to provide the world’s most advanced Environmental, Waste Management and Recycling software, enabling waste management digital transformation. We do so as a Single Solutions Provider, delivering the entire technology stack and removing the need for multiple vendors.

Designed using decades of experience in the waste and recycling sector, Waste and Recycling One means you can now standardise, integrate, simplify and automate all your waste and recycling processes to create efficiencies throughout the business. WR1 delivers instant control and complete visibility across your entire waste management and recycling operations.

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Waste and Recycling One

Plan, track, capture, and effectively control your entire waste management and recycling operations using advanced, integrated waste management software.

  • Are you running multiple non-integrated waste management systems?
  • Do you have less than 100% trust in the accuracy of your data?
  • Are you at risk of failing to meet your legislative and compliance obligations?

From CRM, to contracts, pricing, order management, logistics, drivers, weighbridge and field service, all fully integrated with finance. ISB Global’s Waste & Recycling One software delivers instant control and complete visibility across your entire waste management and recycling operations.

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Solving Your Waste Management Challenges

Waste and recycling organisations are complex. Key business areas, such as logistics, finance, planning and operations are often managed by different systems and processes. These waste management systems don’t speak to each other. This leads to gaps in the data they provide. It means you don’t have systems you can trust or rely on.

We have solved this.

Using innovative technology, Waste and Recycling One is the software solution that standardises, integrates, and simplifies all your waste, recycling and material management processes.

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Leading Technology

Waste and Recycling One uses leading technology:

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software: SAP delivers control and clear visibility of key governance and compliance management processes. Integrated reporting and analytics provide superior, real-time business intelligence.

OutSystems Low Code Platform: OutSystems low code platform provides the ability to create new and innovative applications. Waste & Recycling One is deployed on OutSystems.

Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon Web Services (AWS) can provide cloud services for Waste & Recycling One offering industry-leading computing, security, flexibility and scalability.

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ISB Global meticulously demonstrated how Waste & Recycling One’s integrated business processes would save CSS time and money, and allow us to grow.” 

Lance Pearce – Operations Manager, CSS Recycling

Waste & Recycling One gave Dimeca clarity on transport scheduling, purchasing, sales and delivery, inventory, stock movements and weighbridge transactions, integrated to SAP Business One.” 

Miguel de la Garza, IT Director, Dimeca

“What made Waste & Recycling One totally compelling was the existing fit, plus the flexibility, scalability and development potential to enhance operational business processes.” 

Uval Lubarsky – Director of Information Systems, CBI

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