Case Study: Woodhorn

“SAP, Waste & Recycling One has been intrinsic in bringing our company activities together, linking our departments and sites so we can focus on growth and recycling more amounts of organic materials, closing the loop by manufacturing and selling high grade composts. With full integration, transactions have sped up by 60% and inaccuracies are a thing of the past.”

~ Cameron Lewis – Operations Director, The Woodhorn Group

Empowering growth with Waste & Recycling One

Established in 1882, The Woodhorn Group is based in West Sussex, UK. Encompassing a 1500-acre organic dairy and arable farm, their diverse portfolio includes a Business Centre and three licenced waste recycling sites processing green waste and soils. They also retail high quality, peat free composts and soil conditioning products.

They needed to bring together their departments and business portfolio to unify the business.


The Woodhorn Group wanted to replace their previous software which relied on spreadsheets and was unable to integrate weighbridges into everyday processes. The Management Team wanted to be confident that they were accessing an accurate position of the entire company.

Therefore, the new system had to manage all inbound materials capacity, inventory, production, weighbridges, purchasing, sales and accounting.

Why ISB Global?

ISB Global’s Waste and Recycling One solution, with its complete integration of operations and accounting, including direct integration to weighbridge, inventory and production systems, was exactly what the Woodhorn Group needed.


Following deployment, some of the many benefits that have been realised include:

  • The integration of weighbridges has led to an 80% increase in transparency in operations, as it ensures accuracy of transactions, which delivers visibility of capacity, inventory, production and recycling rates for customers.
  • Waste & Recycling One has integrated the Woodhorn Group’s entire business and now controls complex payments and sales that deliver accurate, transparent orders for real-time company position.
  • As a result, transactions have sped up by 60% and inaccuracies are a thing of the past.
  • Thanks to accurate, meaningful data, the profitability, clarity and intelligence on cycle times have improved.
  • Integration with the website for full E-Commerce, it enables the management of material resources now gives precise information on purchasing, inventory and sales, allowing the forecasting of revenue.

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The Woodhorn Group

Industry: Utilities, Waste & Recycling

Products & Services: Waste recycling sites processing organics, green waste and soils.

Users: 20

What this has done for Woodhorn so far: Transactions have sped up by 60% and there’s been an 80% increase in transparency of operations.

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