ISB Global’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partnership

ISB Global uses AWS cloud infrastructure hosting, services and IoT.

ISB Global and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partnership

As an Amazon Web Services Partner, Waste & Recycling One uses Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers industry-leading computing, security, flexibility, and scalability. We can also deploy on other infrastructure of course, but AWS is our preference.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully-featured services from data centres globally. Millions of customers use AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

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AWS Benefits

Being an Amazon Web Services Partner provides the following benefits:

  • Reliable, scalable infrastructure on demand.
  • Advanced security standards eliminate human error and external threats.
  • Cost optimisation, data storage, and access options ensure simple, easy application management.
  • Secure computing for applications with dedicated offload, security models, standards, and compliance certifications.
  • Industry-leading storage performance, flexibility, and scalability.

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