About ISB Global

At ISB Global we brought together experts in technology; business processes; and waste and recycling to create the world’s most advanced Environmental, Waste Management and Recycling Software.

Our History

Founded by Chris Williams and Simon Osborne, in 1999, they had the foresight of creating an industry-focused SAP practice in the waste management and recycling sector. The product, Waste and Recycling One, is designed to meet this growing sector’s specific needs, the first version going live with a customer in 2005.

ISB Global, which stands for ‘Integrating Systems and Business’, became an SAP partner in 2004, then an OutSystems partner in 2013, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner in 2014, and a North American SAP S4 HANA services partner in 2021.

Headquartered in London. With offices in South Africa in 2013, Lahore, Pakistan in 2016 and North America in 2019, ISB Global continues to grow rapidly to meet the needs of waste, recycling and environmental operations and the focus on the Circular Economy and Net Zero targets.

Our Development Philosophy

Waste & Recycling One is deployed both as a native .net application, and more recently on the OutSystems Low Code Application Development Platform. Gartner has reported that: “Low-code as a general social and technological movement is expected to continue growing significantly.”

The philosophy of having 3 key software technologies of SAP, OutSystems and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to our business is that the foundation of Waste & Recycling One uses the world’s leading software solutions, our customers do not get locked into propriety software applications and have total transparency and control of their mission-critical software. The practice is unique to ISB Global and is unmatched by our competitors.

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ISB Global Team

We have assembled a diverse team of experts, trained and experienced in delivering value and investment in change.

ISB Global has over 20 years experience in developing software solutions for the waste and recycling sector. We understand your business challenges and the waste and recycling processes which allows us to provide effective software solutions which address your business needs.

The team is on call and available to discuss how we can deliver solutions to your waste and recycling challenges, using current and advanced technologies to solve today’s problems.

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Our Software Solution – Waste & Recycling One

Waste and Recycling One (WR1) is our innovative software solution that standardises, integrates, simplifies, and automates all waste and recycling processes, creating efficiencies throughout the business.

It brings together our vast knowledge and experience of software technology development, waste and recycling management, and business transformation to deliver a digital solution that transforms the efficiency of waste and recycling organisations.

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Leading Partnerships

ISB Global partner with leading technology companies to deliver the most advanced waste management software solution in the world.

As they’re a global leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, we’ve always been a SAP partner, helping clients in the waste and recycling sector deploy SAP for the management of business processes.

We use the OutSystems Low Code platform for ‘Waste and Recycling One’, as it powers the ability to create new and innovative applications.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are our preferred partner for cloud services.


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