Integrating legacy systems

Many waste management companies still use multiple disparate systems to manage their everyday business processes. Our solution integrates these legacy systems into a single platform, saving you significant time, effort & money.



The Problem With Legacy Waste Management Systems

Many waste management and recycling companies use multiple applications with multiple data sources. Often, these systems were originally brought in to manage everyday tasks in a smarter, more efficient way, to move away from paper and to embrace digital transformation. But, having been implemented gradually and separately, this usually means most of these different systems of these can’t talk to each other.

This causes problems, delays and inaccuracies in managing and understanding what’s really going on across your business. The frustrations are felt throughout your organisation, from the people inputting the data all the way up to those reviewing the reports at the top.

Not only do staff waste time on data management that could be better spent on more productive tasks, it also means important strategic decisions are being based on data that is either inaccurate or takes a lot of time and effort to pull together.

Enough is Enough!

Our ‘Waste and Recycling One’ software solution solves this problem. It enables a fully integrated, connected organisation. This leads to greater operational and business efficiencies.

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The benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation means being able to harness new advances in technology, such as remotely connecting to your network, better cyber-security, unlimited computer power, cloud computing, and real-time business information derived from sensors and mobile devices.

Digital innovations are helping waste and recycling companies use automation, cloud services, and the Internet of Things to streamline their processes and analyse data, to understand what is happening throughout the whole of their operation, and make changes.

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intelligent technology for waste & recycling

How Legacy Systems are holding back Waste Management

Updating your waste management business to new technology is always hampered by using old, outdated, systems (often referred to as legacy systems.). These legacy systems are typically a mix of different applications, manual processes, and spreadsheets. Maintaining so many disjointed business and operations processes slows your business down and creates huge inefficiencies, such as:

  • They are not only costly to maintain, but the costs and complexities only grow further as you ‘add in’ more technology over time
  • Disparate systems mean that Data isn’t seamlessly flowing between them in real-time, due to multiple platforms being used, creating dangerous lags across the business.
  • Can lead to silos of data that cannot be shared with other systems, limiting the value of that data in providing actionable business insights.

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Our Integrated Waste Management Solution

ISB Global’s waste management software solution, provides essential and comprehensive integration for your waste management and recycling business.

It’s the software solution that standardises, integrates, simplifies, and automates all your waste and recycling processes, to create efficiencies throughout the business. It governs and controls data and key processes for all waste transport and materials recycling operations.

Customers who have implemented Waste & Recycling One have seen an increase in speed, accuracy, and efficiency from 20-80% across their business.

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What Does Integration Through WR1 Bring to an Organisation?

Integration means…

  • Instant and complete visibility across all your vital operations
  • One true data source, so you can add on more modules and apps without compromising accuracy or consistency
  • Trustworthy Management Information, at the depth of level required at the time it’s required
  • True processes, with no need for manual ‘fixes’ that instantly undermine accuracy and timeliness

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