Weighbridge Software that delivers waste management efficiency

  Matt Farnworth


Managing your weighbridge is a key element of the waste and recycling management process. And so it makes sense that the most efficient and effective way to run a weighbridge is to use dedicated weighbridge software.

Maintaining good weighbridge records is important for managing compliance and for your internal planning. It’s an operation that needs to run smoothly at all times – a weighbridge failure can slow your business down considerably. Whether your weighbridge is manned or automated, using the right waste management software can help you to maintain a well-organised operation.

The advantages of weighbridge software for better waste management

Depending on the type of weighbridge you operate, there are several key advantages of using weighbridge software, and a number of operations that they can speed up, make more efficient and help operators to save money. These include:

Vehicle recognition – using ANPR technology, software can instantly recognise, track and record the vehicles entering the weighbridge area.

Entry control – waste vehicles need to access the weighbridge at the right time so that the weighing operation can work properly. With a simple traffic light system, operators can avoid any issues with improper use.

Positioning – in order to get accurate data from the weighbridge, vehicles need to be properly positioned. Sensors on the weighbridge manage this and feed the information into the software so that final reports are accurate.

Additional information – in many cases, weighbridge software allows drivers to input any additional data into a screen while the vehicle is on the scales. This may include the contents of the vehicle, a vehicle ID other than the numberplate and the driver details.

The weighbridge as part of waste management

Weighbridge software is often part of a wider approach to waste and recycling management. As companies move towards a circular economy model – where the waste collected is separated, sold on secondary markets or moved on to reuse and recycling channels – they need an integrated software solution where data collected in one part of the business can be used to form part of planning or reporting elsewhere.

This need for integration is why we developed Waste & Recycling One. The only fully integrated solution on the market, built with industry specific processes in mind to make plant & recycling operations more efficient. Being able to accurately weigh, document and track separated materials helps businesses to keep accurate records of materials collected, resold or moved elsewhere. This ensures they are able to manage their compliance requirements while also adding a critical element to future planning, further driving these much needed efficiencies.

You can read more about efficient software for waste & recycling businesses, or visit our detailed guide for everything you need to know about waste management software. To speak with the team about how weighbridge software can bring efficiencies to your waste & recycling business, click below.

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