7 benefits of waste management software for a profitable business

  Matt Farnworth


Waste and recycling management has come a long way from ‘emptying the bins’. Across the world, governments, businesses and individuals are looking to companies in this industry to help promote and manage authentic programmes that significantly reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. The industry has become more complex, and so the waste management software these businesses use to run smoothly needs to keep pace with demand.

These companies have a critical role to play. As we move from a linear economy to a circular model, waste management has a part in every stage of the process. From collecting recyclables to segregating waste, reselling on a secondary market and supporting commercial clients to meet increased regulatory demands, reliable waste management companies are in high demand.

7 reasons you need waste management software

If you’re working in the waste management industry, you’re probably already thinking about how to make the most of the considerable commercial opportunities in front of you. If you have the right data collection, visibility and reporting in place, you can market your business as a single source of support for your clients. You’ll win more business, improve your margins and be able to enter new markets.

For many of today’s waste management companies, the ability to reach this level of competitiveness is hampered by a lack of joined-up tech. This slows processes, misses vital data and prevents quality reporting and collaboration.

So, here are 7 benefits of waste management software, and the reasons why you should think about investing in it:

Reason #1 – Creating a central hub for your data

If you’re running several systems – and we recently conducted some research that showed waste management companies having between 5 and 12 separate systems – then you don’t really know where all your data is. You probably don’t even know if there’s data you’re missing. There could be big gaps in your productivity and efficiency and you wouldn’t spot them. 

A central waste management software solution will gather all the data from across your business, giving you a central source that you can rely on. And it’ll save you the time and effort collecting and collating all that data together!

Reason #2 – Developing insights that support better decisions

Once you have all your data in one place, you can analyse it to see what you’re doing well and where you can improve. You need software that can turn data and analytics into true Waste Management Business Intelligence. These critical insights help you to make informed decisions, see how they will impact your business and support a strategic business plan.

Reason #3 – Complete integration with existing systems

Waste management companies often worry about the disruption that a new system could cause. In fact, it’s one of the top reasons that all businesses put off investing in new tech. But if you could be sure that a new system would integrate with systems you already have, or that commissioning will be done without any downtime to your business, how would that feel? That is a reality with best in class waste management software.

Reason #4 – Complete control over your processes

We know that one of the biggest headaches waste management companies have is knowing what’s going on across the business. This is particularly true of multi-site companies or complex operations. Understanding how you can streamline and integrate your processes across the board gives you exceptional control. It supports better productivity and helps you to improve margins.

Reason #5 – Significantly improved reporting accuracy

Whether you like it or not, waste management reporting is going to become an ever-increasing demand on your business. As governments introduce new legislation for waste disposal and management, you need to be able to show how you manage the waste you collect. Your customers may also start asking you to provide reports to them so they can meet their own requirements. Only with the latest waste management software can you achieve the accuracy and detail of reporting you need.

Reason #6 – Improving productivity and operational efficiency

We’ve seen that there are several benefits of waste management software that can result in better productivity. And smarter working has its own benefits too. Having visibility over the data in your business means you can automate time-consuming manual processes, or improve your route planning to make your fuel stretch further. Once you dig down, there are likely to be many areas where you can improve productivity.

Reason #7 – Delivering great customer service

We all need customers. And as the waste management market becomes more competitive, your potential customers are going to be looking for waste companies that support them and work with them. Investing in intelligent waste management software puts you in a better position to look after your customers, giving them the service levels they are looking for, and helping you to build loyalty and client retention.

Thinking about upgrading your waste management software?

Take your time. There’s a lot to think about, and every business is different, yet the benefits of Waste Management Software are clear. That’s why our Waste & Recycling One software is designed to be completely customisable to individual needs. We think it’s the world’s most advanced waste management software, and it comes with our full partnership and support, so you know you are in safe hands from day one.

For more information on what to think about when upgrading your waste management software, visit our free ultimate guide here, or contact us today to book a demo.

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