Demonstrating the value of plastic recycling software

  Matt Farnworth


The value of plastic recycling software: plastic recycling is now a significant part of the waste management industry. The amount of plastic collected and recycled increases every year. Recycling plastics has become second nature for many consumers, and they expect collection and recycling to be efficient and effective. For waste management companies, dedicated plastic recycling software can help to manage the whole process, from route planning and collection to weigh stations and reporting.

The British Plastics Federation, for example, states that 86% of plastic packaging is recovered in the UK and 49% of packaging is recycled. Whilst efforts are being made to reduce single-use plastics, so that less ‘virgin’ plastics are needed to meet consumer needs, global plastic production was still estimated to be 367 million tonnes in 2020*. The more we can invest in efficient plastic recycling, the more we can reduce single-use plastics and potentially have a more significant positive impact on climate change.

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Managing plastic recycling with dedicated software

For those businesses involved in collecting, sorting and either recycling or forwarding materials to a third party of recycling, it’s important to have the right support to operate efficiently.

That means managing route planning and collections, weighbridge activity, organising and separating plastics, tracking loads and much more. In order to do this, organisations need to consider how plastic recycling software can support the work they do. A single-solution software platform can help to realise savings, improve customer service, support compliance with legislation and meet relevant standards for organisations that collect a range of other materials for recycling – such as:

How does software supporting the plastic recycling process?

As a waste and recycling operation, it’s critical to be able to show that you are managing recycling properly and in line with regulations. Without the right software, you have no clear way of tracking and reporting on your processes. Many operations are still managed manually, and this can leave your business open to errors and a lack of joined-up visibility.

Bringing in the right plastics recycling software – or software to control all your waste management processes – will help to integrate your processes across the business. And that delivers more efficiencies which in turn can help your business to become more competitive and focus on growth. Learn more about the benefits of waste management software.

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