Effective liquid waste management software

  Matt Farnworth


We generate a lot of liquid waste. In particular, some sectors including construction, agriculture, food production and fashion, create a significant amount of liquid waste. In some cases, that’s oils, pesticides and chemicals. In others, it’s contaminated water. 

Whatever the waste, it needs to be properly retained, stored, collected and either disposed of or recycled. And this can be helped by using effective liquid waste management software.

The most successful approach to liquid waste involves meeting all local, national and international regulations – and being able to prove that you have done so. For waste organisations, it also means being able to support your customers to prove that they are meeting those regulations. But this requires having clear visibility over your processes, easy access to data, and the ability to run specific reports.

Many waste management organisations have several software systems in operation, and these disparate systems can hinder the clarity of data and reporting needed. It can also mean that some functions are still managed on spreadsheets – or even by hand. And for organisations that are managing liquid waste alongside other waste processes, issues between different systems multiply, making everyday tasks more complex and difficult to manage effectively.

If this sounds like the situation at your company, it may be time to upgrade to an integrated waste management solution, to become more cost-effective and competitive.

How software delivers better liquid waste management

The goal is to keep liquid waste out of landfill, where it causes extreme damage to the environment. Like other types of hazardous waste, the use and disposal of liquid waste needs to meet certain rules and regulations. In many countries, liquids need to be properly marked and stored, and that the relevant paperwork and records are kept.

Waste management companies need to show that they are treating the waste so that it is either recyclable, or able to be disposed of safely. They need to be able to track the progress of the waste from collection to the endpoint, giving their customers confidence that they are managing liquid waste within the law and using efficient systems to support their work.

Learn more about how ISB Global helps waste management companies integrate their disparate software and better manage their regulatory and compliance requirements. Or read our ultimate guide to waste management software.

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