The most efficient software for recycling businesses

  Matt Farnworth


What’s the point of buying new software for your business? In most cases the drive for new software is either because existing software packages aren’t up to the job any more, or because the business needs to become more efficient. Software for recycling businesses is no different to software for other industrial or manufacturing companies – it’s got to deliver the efficiencies you need in order to give you value for money.

How can software make recycling businesses more efficient?

There are some key areas in your business where software can help you realise cost and time efficiencies. It’s important to look at both those elements because, taken together, they streamline your business and that can have a positive effect not just on your margins, but on your ability to win bigger and more lucrative contracts.

Better data

Forward-thinking businesses are driven by high quality data. Being able to collect, store, interrogate and report data means you have visibility across all the functions in your business and this in turn means more informed decision making and a more flexible approach to changing the way you do things if you need to. Good quality, integrated recycling & waste management software can give you data you’ve never had access to before – and can transform the way you do business.

Better end-to-end customer service

Many companies are amazed by the difference a good quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can make. Being able to understand and monitor your interactions with customers allows you to give high quality customer service at all times – individual to each contract. This helps to build better relationships, improves your reputation and helps you to make efficiencies around your communications, invoicing and review processes.

Better financial control

Although most businesses use some form of software for accounting purposes, it’s better if this is integrated into dedicated software. For recycling businesses, this is important because it helps you to manage cash flow – something that’s notoriously difficult on large and long-term contracts. Removing the need for manual data entry or reconciliation means you can use your team’s skills elsewhere and keep your finances running smoothly.

Better operational management

Having an integrated recycling & waste management software system that manages your logistics – from staff rotas to route management – shows you where both time and cost savings can be made in the long term. It also allows you to create sample logistics scenarios for bids or uplifts in existing contracts, helping you to win more business and become more competitive.

These are just a few of the ways that software for recycling businesses – and other waste industry organisations – can improve efficiencies, reduce costs and help your business to grow. When you’re ready to make these changes, the conversations you have with software vendors will show you the specific areas in your business where you’ll see a difference, helping you to plan your next steps with confidence. For more details on waste management software, head to our complete guide.

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