Waste & Recycling challenges: Inability to manage effectively

  Pritesh Pattni


The inability to manage all of your tasks and processes efficiently is one of the issues faced by Waste and Recycling management companies. Often issues, such as the lack of business intelligence, or having to use more than one system, making it hard to see the overall picture, hampers this problem. We explore how introducing an integrated software solution can help solve the issues surrounding managing a complex waste and recycling process.

The problems
  • Do you know costs to the business throughout the entire process in real time?
  • Do you know profitability of the business throughout the entire process in real time?
  • How do your users feel about the software applications they have to work on?
  • Do you have mobile analysis detailing all critical headline figures from the business in real time?
  • Is it difficult to integrate new technologies into your existing software landscape?
Getting help with your data management

You need a software solution that:

  • Delivers total control and governance of the entire waste logistics and transport operations in one integrated software solution.
  • Provides complete management, control and intelligence throughout materials recycling operations.
  • Enables transparency and auditability of material recycling throughput to calculate value and sales to secondary markets.
  • Empowers total, instant visibility where materials are, how much you have, and what they are worth.
  • Publish reporting, analytics and intelligence on all aspects of collection and material recycling operations.
  • Positive contribution to the circular economy by reduction, reusing and recycling of products and materials.
How Waste and Recycling One can help

ISB Global’s Waste & Recycling One (WR1) is one complete software solution that provides the ability to view and manage the whole of your waste management and recycling operations from end to end. WR1 is a waste management software solution that standardises, integrates, simplifies, and automates all your waste and recycling processes, to create efficiencies throughout the business.

Data is just data without the appropriate tools to manage, link, analyse and extend throughout all processes and widespread business operations. We can manage your data with the following tools:

  • Data Management: A preconfigured database to manage and maintain your data accurately so that integration and development can be achieved. This is the key to successful application integration.
  • Application configuration: Waste & Recycling One core modules and user applications can be implemented and developed further to meet your specific business requirements.
  • SAP: SAP delivers control and clear visibility of key governance and compliance management processes. Integrated reporting and analytics provide superior business intelligence. It captures critical information for real time access and user insight
  • OutSystems: OutSystems low code platform powers the ability to create new and innovative applications. Waste & Recycling One is deployed on OutSystems.

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Find out more about how Waste and Recycling One can help you manage your business processes, or contact us to talk about your specific problems and needs.

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