ISB Global Connects, Leads, and Learns: A look back on Waste Expo 2024 in Las Vegas

   Matt Farnworth


Waste Expo 2024 Recap: ISB Global Connects, Leads, and Learns: A look back on ISB Global’s recent visit to Las Vegas.

ISB Global’s commercial team recently wrapped up a productive 4 days at Waste Expo 2024 in Las Vegas. The event provided a valuable platform to connect with existing clients, develop new relationships with prospective customers, and build on our 25 years of industry knowledge.

“Waste Expo provided a great forum for open and honest discussions about the critical issues facing the waste and recycling industry,” said Chris Williams, CEO ISB Global. “We were impressed with the level of engagement.”

The ISB team participated in various conference sessions, gaining insights into current regulations, best practices, and emerging trends. These sessions covered a wide range of topics, from navigating the complexities of changing recycling regulations to implementing effective strategies for diverting waste from landfills.

At ISB Global’s exhibition booth, conversations centred on the pivotal role of having the latest technology platforms to propel the business forward. The theme of most conversations, and ISB’s research, is that single, integrated software solutions was preferred over the plethora of applications business were currently using. The ISB team showcased WR1, the advanced waste management software solution, demonstrating how it can empower businesses to optimise operations, streamline processes, and achieve their digital transformation goals.

As may be expected in today’s climate, there was a lot of conversation about AI, and how this can benefit all aspects of the business, from Sales, Customer Service, to Hauling, Trucks, Drivers, Site Management, Stock and Accounting etc., however there is no magic solution to this UNLESS the business takes a ground up approach. In other words, AI needs data, and without a modern technology stack and common integrated software platforms, and standardised data, AI will remain just chat.

One key example reiterated in the investors meeting, is that real-time feedback from the field by way of IOT is going to be critical for companies to remain competitive. The caveat is that while sensors, trackers, smartphones can produce gigabytes of data, but if it cannot be ‘operationalised’ into the overall software solution. Then the investment will be wasted. “If it’s not real time it’s a waste of time.”

This was further reiterated by ISB’s Director of Customer Experience, Hayden Nothnagel, “In the past, the approach to tackling challenges in waste management often involved throwing more manpower at the problem and it was refreshing to see people in the industry are realising that investing in technology yields far-reaching benefits in the long run.”

This year was the first time ISB Global have attended the expo in force and put boots on the ground with an exhibition booth. “Waste Expo was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with existing clients and establish new partnerships. Face-to-face interaction is invaluable, and the conversations we had were incredibly productive,” said Andy Crofts, Global Sales Director at ISB Global. “Many potential clients expressed similar challenges: a patchwork of software solutions, often acquired through mergers and acquisitions, that don’t integrate seamlessly. ISB Global’s ability to provide a unified platform, streamlining financials and operations, resonated strongly. And of course, reconnecting with old colleagues was a welcome bonus!”

A key highlight of the event was the CIO Roundtable hosted by ISB’s Chief Commercial Officer, Pritesh Pattni. Titled “Driving Innovation in the Waste & Recycling Industry,” the roundtable featured esteemed CIOs from LRS, GFL Environmental Inc., and Waste Connections. The panel-style discussion explored the transformative impact of technology on the industry in a very open and honest approach. It provided valuable insights for IT and technology leaders seeking to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape.

ISB Global leaves Waste Expo energised and inspired by the industry’s focus on progress.  The company remains committed to playing a leading role in driving the digital transformation of the waste and recycling sector through its innovative software solutions and dedication to industry collaboration.

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