Case Study: Veris Strategies

“After building the business to a respectable turnover in a short space of time, Veris needed to change the waste software and accounting system they had inherited. There was really only one vendor that had a suitable waste brokerage solution, ISB Global with Waste & Recycling One.”

~ Simon Platt – MD, Veris Strategies


Sustaining growth and a better planet with Waste & Recycling One

As the next generation of sustainability strategists, Veris, wanted to work smarter, faster and more sustainably. They turned to ISB Global to implement Waste & Recycling One. Now, fully integrated across all departments, Veris can work five times faster from order to billing.


Veris inherited their operations and accounting applications, which had no integration. This resulted in duplication of effort, manual data entry and reporting.

They wanted a software solution that would standardise back-office processes, eradicate manual data processing and allow the team to focus on customer service and growth.

Why ISB Global?

ISB Global’s Waste and Recycling One software solution has been designed to integrate all the departments in waste and recycling businesses. The solution was what Veris wanted, and it came from a team with incredible knowledge and experience of the waste brokerage sector.


Since Waste and Recycling one has been implemented, key benefits Veris has experienced include:

  • Accounting has sped up exponentially, thanks to automated work order management.
  • Customer relationship management integrated from enquiry to quote and now includes after sales experience enhancements. This ensures a seamless, correct completion of orders and a fully auditable service trail.
  • Real-time operations and account reporting has enabled improvement across all key performance indicators.
  • Automated processes from enquiry to banking has enabled Veris to focus on key differentials like cost and service, to increase competitive advantage.
  • Real-time recycling materials analytics can now be published to customers and suppliers, which visualizes resource sustainability targets, and allows Veris’ consulting teams to target new strategic indicators.

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Veris Strategies

Industry: Utilities, Waste & Recycling

Products & Services: Waste collection services, disposal, recycling, hazardous & non-hazardous waste

Users: 25

80% Uplift in payment Accuracy by subcontractors since implementation


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