Waste broker software that drives new business

  Matt Farnworth


Efficient waste brokerage is an essential part of the waste and recycling management industry. Being able to respond to customer needs, manage enquiries, collect waste quickly and responsibly and segment and manage the collected waste needs tried and tested processes. Good customer service is vital, and the best way to achieve this is to invest in waste broker software.

Delivering an effective waste brokerage service

Organisations of all types and sizes now have to comply with a wide range of waste management compliance. Whilst that compliance legislation differs from one country to another, the drive is the same: to reduce waste going to landfill and to encourage the resale, reuse or recycling of as much material as possible.

So managers in these organisations need access to a trustworthy, commercial waste broker that can help them meet their requirements in this area. And those companies that invest in waste brokerage software are ideally placed to win new business.

The benefits of robust software for waste brokers

Like many companies, waste brokers have historically used a range of software packages to manage various issues across the business. These packages have been bought at different times and from different vendors. Many may be coming to the end of their usefulness – unsupported by the vendor or with no new updates or versions available. They are unlikely to be integrated, so collecting data and putting reports together becomes very difficult and time-consuming.

Choosing an integrated waste management broker software solution brings a number of benefits:

Improved customer service – this is fundamental to success in the industry today. Organisations have high expectations of service levels, including ease of ordering, collection, invoice and managing enquiries. When your processes are linked, and your people can see exactly what’s happening with a customer account, the experience is much better, and customers will return to your business and refer you to others.

Better financial management – integrated software allows you to see your turnover and profit in a variety of measures: by customer, by area, by materials, by time-span and more. This gives you a clear picture of what is and isn’t working for your business, allowing you to focus on the more profitable areas and move away from those that are not as commercially viable.

Visibility across the business – if waste brokerage is part of a larger waste management and recycling operation, the ability to integrate software across your whole operation offers you significant cost and time savings. It also helps to improve any reporting you need to do – either for your own compliance, or to meet reporting requirements for your customer.

If you’re still running your waste brokerage business with masses of paperwork and filing systems that only a couple of people can manage, are you in the best place to grow your business and serve your customers?

An integrated waste management software solution like Waste & Recycling One can provide this visibility and financial management to fuel your business. Visit our detailed guide for everything you need to know about waste management software or to speak with the team about the right Waste Broker software for you, click below.

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