The best software for waste management compliance

  Matt Farnworth


Waste and recycling management companies are increasingly being faced with a range of regulatory compliance issues. Around the world, new legislation is being introduced to reduce emissions and encourage more reuse and less disposal of waste. As a central part of the industry, companies need to make sure they are able to meet these requirements using the latest software. For waste management compliance, this is likely to be the best route to success.

What’s the issue?

The collection and management of waste is a big issue for national and local governments and for private and public organisations. Putting waste in landfill, burning it or just throwing it away is contributing to the climate crisis, and governments and professional bodies are designing and imposing a range of legislation to promote better waste management.

This legislation is necessary, and companies need to be able to comply with it. For many waste and recycling companies, however, compliance can be an issue. There will be a wide range of issues to report on, so that they can prove they are meeting expectations, and only those companies with the right processes in place will be able to comply properly.

Using waste management compliance software

Internal and external reporting is made much easier with good software. In many companies, there is a lot of legacy software – companies have bought various packages to solve single issues such as accounting, shift management or customer relationship management, for example.

These legacy systems are often unsupported, or unable to work with other software to provide complete visibility and easy reporting. In many cases, data for reporting is still a manual operation, which is time-consuming and can be inaccurate. But for legal compliance purposes, accuracy is key, so there’s a clear argument for the adoption of waste management compliance software specifically designed for this purpose.

Solving several issues at once

Of course, this type of software is designed to manage commercial operations, working across all organisational functions to create a more efficient operation. So when you’re thinking about replacing legacy software with a single waste and recycling solution, you need to make sure that you’re looking at solutions that can manage and improve your operational efficiency, including planning, integration and reporting.

And it’s the reporting that’s often key for legal and regulatory compliance. Whether it’s regular reporting for your own compliance purposes, or reporting that supports your customer to meet their own requirements, choosing the best software for waste management compliance will give you access to the data and reporting mechanisms you need to have a competitive edge.

Investing in new software for waste management regulatory compliance is a big business decision – and there are lots of facets to understand. We’ve created a one-stop guide for everything you need to know about waste management software, take a look here. Over the years, we’ve designed our specialist software to navigate the issues of waste management compliance without the compromise of efficiency and profits, namely, Waste & Recycling One.

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