Sustainable waste management and recycling solutions from SAP

  Pritesh Pattni


SAP are leading the way on creating technology solutions and services that can improve a company’s sustainability and environmental impact. As a SAP partner, we took a look at sustainable waste management and recycling solutions from SAP. In this article we describe what solutions they offer to help deliver environmental, social, and economic impact.

SAP offers a range of enterprise solutions that focus on helping reduce emissions and waste, and achieve equality. These can be broken down into four broad categories:

Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance reporting solutions

By connecting your environmental, social and financial business data, SAP are providing companies with full visibility into the consequences of their business processes. With this level of actionable insight, organisations are able to make better decisions. For example, they can look at how their operations impact on the people around them. They can also look at their affect on the environment, alongside their impact on profits. They are also better able to access real-time data about their end to end business processes. This can help them to evaluate the positive and negative impacts of their business activity. It can also feed into their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting. They can better ensure that they are complying with environmental regulations and standards. These include the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), World Economic Forum (WEF/IBC), and more.

Climate change solutions

By understanding the carbon footprint of an organisation’s whole operation, they lower the environmental impact of their business. By providing companies with embedded analytics, SAP can help them track and measure the energy consumption and environmental costs of their entire operation. They can also simulate the impact of future activities. For example, the CO2 footprint of their transport routes. They are then able to take actions, such as using SAP Transport Management software to optimize routes, or leverage 3D truck load planning to reduce the risk of travelling empty miles.

Circular economy solutions

SAP are helping companies with their supply chain planning, to embed sustainable practices into their business processes. These include helping organsations with sustainable design and planning. They do this by running simulations that can calculate potential environmental costs across their product lifecycles. SAP helps companies to optimise materials choices. It does this by allowing them to understand the source of all of their raw materials; calculating the environmental and regularity costs of different options and how these might fit into a circular-product-portfolio. SAP technology allows organisations to enable end-to-end traceability of all materials in their processes. They can also streamline their compliance processes and easily produce documentation to ensure they meet all regulatory requirements.

Social responsibility solutions

SAP allows businesses to ensure they are operating ethically and in a socially responsible manner, by integrating a number of solutions into their value chain. This includes health and safety management tools to proactively identify, analyse and mitigate environmental, health and safety risks, such as chemical safety and industrial hygiene issues.

The core parts of their health and safety solutions cover:

  • Incident management,
  • Health and safety management,
  • Environmental management and,
  • Compliance management.

SAP also provides a range of workforce management tools. These include, human experience, duty of care, employee sentiment, and change management, to ensure a happy and safe worker environment. Supplier risk management tools also ensure that companies can screen potential business partners and suppliers. This helps to mitigate fraud risk and safeguard their business continuity.

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