Commercial waste management software – why does it matter?

  Matt Farnworth


It’s a challenge to be a successful business in commercial waste management. Software – the right software – can help you to meet those challenges head on, driving better performance, better efficiencies and a more competitive outlook.

As a waste and recycling software specialist, we’ve talked to a lot of businesses and industry organisations about the key challenges they face. From recruitment to regulation, there’s always something new to manage, and companies without a strong software platform can find that they lack the insights and information they need to meet those challenges properly.

How can commercial waste management software help?

Let’s start with one of the biggest challenges facing the waste industry today: regulation. Across the world, different governments, states and local administrations are creating a whole range of legislation and regulation around the creation and disposal of waste products.

And this is a good thing, because we can’t just keep throwing our waste away. In fact, we can’t just keep using up natural resources to create products that we then throw away. So like it or not, waste companies are central to the adopting of a circular economy, where materials are reduced, reused or recycled rather than burned or buried.

In order to manage this challenge and stay commercially viable, waste management companies need to put things in place to help them become more streamlined, improve their margins and increase their profitability. That’s where good quality, integrated commercial waste management software can help.

Reporting – one of the key requirements of legislation and regulation is regular reporting. And that’s not just a requirement of the regulatory bodies; increasingly your customers will require you to report your activities so that they can include it in their own reporting. So your business could stand or fall by its ability to report relevant data on a regular basis.

Visibility – in order to run an efficient business you need to know what’s happening across all your functions. If your business runs lots of different software packages, or you have a mixture of automated and manual processes, you’re unlikely to have the visibility you need. So using a state-of-the-art platform gives you oversight across the business, enabling you to make decisions that cut costs or improve services.

Cash flow – getting money into your business is critical. Often, waste management companies are on long-term contracts with irregular invoicing and late payments. When this happens, it impacts your cash flow which in turn means you can’t fulfil your obligations to staff, suppliers and investors. So using commercial waste management software that integrates your accounts and finance processes means you are more in control of your processes and can collect money in a more timely fashion, putting your business on a more secure commercial footing.

If you’re currently planning business growth or want to see how you can make your business leaner and more competitive, you need to take stock of your current approach to the software you use, and consider how you could invest to do things better.

Changing the software you use brings many considerations a business must evaluate, we take a closer look at everything you need to know about waste management software in our webpage guide.

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