Mandatory Digital Waste Tracking – An Update from ISB Global

  Matthew Gawn

A significant change is on the horizon as the implementation of Mandatory Digital Waste Tracking (MDWT) has been earmarked between 2023 and 2024. This shift promises to revolutionise waste management practices and improve efficiency and transparency across the board. However, as of now, there has been no release of the application pilot. In this blog post, we explore the potential impact of MDWT and the role of our Waste Management Software, Waste & Recycling One’s (WR1) technology architecture and ISB Global’s capabilities in facilitating a seamless transition.

MDWT holds the promise of streamlining waste management processes by digitising tracking and reporting. While its full potential is yet to be realised, the groundwork for successful implementation is being laid. One crucial factor in this process is the integration of MDWT into existing waste management systems. This is where WR1’s technology architecture shines.

WR1 is uniquely positioned to integrate with MDWT. Built on OutSystems Low-code technology, it facilitates easy integration, meaning data integrity is maintained with integrated data uploads, and the transfer of relevant data becomes a hassle-free process.

WR1’s integrated operational data and processes allow direct integration to MDWT ensuring data uploaded on materials collection and transferal is accurate, correct and automatically uploaded. At integration point with MDWT, data is transferred automatically so you don’t have to manually administer workload or data and upload can be completed with no manual intervention. This also ensures compliance with collection and transferal legislation, so on automatic upload all data and transfer of material is accurate and correct adhering to legislation.

Subsequent reporting becomes a breeze with this integrated approach through automated reporting and customised analytics, simplifying the otherwise daunting task of generating reports and complying with regulatory requirements.

ISB Global has already completed similar government portal integration proven with HMRC’s Making Tax Digital VAT in 2018. Leveraging this experience, we can support waste management companies in seamlessly connecting with MDWT and adapting to the digital landscape.

Mandatory Digital Waste Tracking is on the horizon, and waste management companies need to prepare for its implementation. Waste & Recycling One’s technology architecture, with its easy integration capabilities, and ISB Global’s expertise in online portal integration, can help businesses navigating this transformation. As we move towards a more digital future in waste management, embracing MDWT and its accompanying technologies is not just a choice; it’s a necessity for staying competitive and compliant. WR1’s existing integrated processes being able to feed all the necessary information to MDWT.

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