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  Matthew Gawn

ISB Global, Market Intelligence Report: April 2023 

ISB Global announce closer partnership alliance with SAP USA, Utilities & Sustainability teams to drive environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG), waste, recycling & circular economy digital transformation throughout global supply chains.

An Alliance for Customer and Environmental Benefit

Tackling waste and recycling is a universal issue. It matters across teams, companies, industries and countries. If the world is going to achieve limiting global warming to 1.5°C before 2030, we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the supply chain.

A linear economy – where raw materials are continually extracted to produce more goods, and wasteful practices become a habit – is a huge carbon-emitting threat.

To protect and save our planet, we need to move towards a global society that redesigns, reuses, recycles and reprocesses materials already in circulation – known as a circular economy.

One of the key ways to persuade companies and supply chains to move to a circular economy is to develop, provide and support the technology that makes it easy to do so.

Through a Vendor Relationship Management Programme (VRM), designed with our software vendor partners, we aim to drive closer alliances. This develops partnerships, technologies, scale and presence to drive waste, recycling, environment, sustainability and circular economy solutions throughout every aspect of the supply chain technology eco system.

Why choose SAP?

Did you know that 77% of all the world’s transactions touch an SAP system? SAP is the largest business management software company in the world. Its award-winning channel programme is regarded as the best in the world, with partnerships and certifications that are tailored to the individual partner’s needs and aims.

SAP Sustainability is now a key overarching strategy for SAP. It’s aims are Zero Waste, Zero Emissions and Zero Inequality. This strategy sits across all business and industry categories and industry solutions, alongside integrated sustainability tools to manage and support individual company’s sustainability objectives.

ISB Global is in a unique position: no other waste management software vendor has the partnerships and support in place to work with globally-recognised software technology vendors such as SAP.

We have developed several types of partnership with SAP that allow for the sales, implementation and support of SAP’s software. Our partnerships have a multitude of objectives which give huge benefits to customers and is simply not offered with smaller, single point software providers and standalone companies that do not have this software vendor support.

The benefits of our partnership

In a recent study conducted alongside the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management UK (CIWM) and sponsored by UKRI Innovate UK, we discovered that:

  • 67% of respondents used from five to more than 12 software applications.
  • 78% said that technical integration between applications had a significant positive impact on process management, automation and intelligence.
  • 69% stated that over 25% of daily transactions are still managed manually

Manually managing daily transactions has a significant effect on productivity, and a typical constraint when using separate, non-integrated software applications. If industry supply chains are going to achieve Net Zero targets and true circularity – all with built-in traceability – we have to change.

Introducing Waste & Recycling One

SAP and ISB Global have designed and engineered their solution suites to facilitate low code development. This allows organisations to unleash the power of development – they can quickly and easily take back control of their IT and development work, eradicating the traditional challenges of software development.

Our flagship product, Waste & Recycling One (WR1) is the most advanced waste management software in the world. Part of the reason for this is that it is integrated with SAP, engineered and deployed on the OutSystems low code platform and hosted and integrated to Amazon Web Services.

For companies that are truly committed to achieving circularity, WR1 integrates with existing, upgraded or new SAP ERP solutions. This delivers control of over 1,000 waste and recycling business process activities within a supply chain. Multiple industry supply chains like manufacturing, oil and gas, chemicals, automotive, consumer products, fashion, mining and mill products – producers – and their waste can be managed far more effectively.

Time to make the change?

Adopting advanced technologies from world-leading vendors like ISB Global and SAP gives organisations the products and know how to implement and support a better approach to waste and recycling management.

This, in turn, supports and transforms the very waste and recycling infrastructure we are using to eradicate waste, mitigate carbon impact and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This allows organisations to build on an integrated, efficient business software foundation, using new technologies to give competitor and customer advantage – and to realise the digital transformation to better circular principles.

ISB Global and SAP will be working together to enhance the existing partnership and working closely together to bring an existing set of solutions to waste, recycling and innovative companies within the supply chain with a focus on zero waste, sustainability, productivity and efficiency.

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