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August 11, 2016

Thought Leadership Series:

How Does “Integrated” Software Improve Your Business?

Integrated Software - Connect, Automate, Save
Integrated Software – Connect, Automate, Save

Who is ISB Global?

ISB Global is a UK based company with offices in South Africa and the USA. We’re an SAP partner and resell licenses for SAP Business One, SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for small to midsize companies. This part of the software looks after management accounting, purchasing, sales, CRM, manufacturing and logistics. We call it ‘software for life’ as when you need more functions to it you can easily scale, adding something that’s pre-configured and pre-integrated, like Fixed Assets and Plant Maintenance and expand on the SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports for analytics capabilities. There is even a software development kit, to build your own applications if you require.

“We chose SAP Waste & Recycling One as it was a fully integrated solution that contained everything we needed to run a state-of-the-art, customer focused service.” Graeme Rose, Managing Director, 707 Resource Management

Integrated Software for Recycling, Refurbishing & Reprocessing
Integrated Software for Recycling, Refurbishing & Reprocessing

ISB Global Specialise in Waste, Recycling, Energy & Environment

ISB Global also specialise in waste logistics, recycling materials, new energy and environmental sectors for organisations that move resources from one place to another for recycling, refurbishing or reprocessing – any materials. We have taken the software development kit in SAP Business One and built an order management, planning, scheduling, plant, customer service, billing and compliance application and aptly called it Waste & Recycling One (WR1). The unique selling proposition (amongst others) is that WR1 is ‘integrated’.

“We have everything in one solution from accounting, CRM, procurement, sales, reporting and legal compliance, waste logistics, stock management, work flow and plant maintenance.” Jeff Holder, Director, ECO Plastics [Evolve Polymers]

Integrated Software Speed, Efficiency & Accuracy = Profitability
Integrated Software -Speed, Efficiency & Accuracy = Profitability

“Integration – everyone uses that word but what does it really mean?”

When ISB Global talks of integration, we don’t mean an interface that takes data from one application and moves it to another. ISB Global’s SAP and WR1 solution is ONE application, hence the name. So for example, an operational transaction from a Work Order, turned into purchase or sales orders, or both, transferred into an invoice, which in turn posts a journal to a nominal code and has an associated banking transaction. If things get difficult you can “drill backwards” from the ledger right the way back to the quote it came from if you need to, but because we use one set of data, called Master Data, things rarely go wrong.

By working in this manner we state that we can improve the variety of business processes by speed, accuracy, administrative ease, timing and subsequently profitability across all processes by between 20-80% vs. separate applications, we can prove that, we document it and deliver it as part of the project to implement, scope, build and train on the software.

Integrated Software - Mobile, Operations, Accounts - Total Business Improvement
Integrated Software – Mobile, Operations, Accounts – Total Business Improvement


What ISB Global does…? Business Improvement

So, from Operations to Accounts what we are doing is consolidating all your business processes into one set of data. ISB Global is therefore, totally focused on improving your business by understanding all your business processes and moving them from multiple applications, spread sheets, manual systems, paper based systems, emails etc, which can cause problems with data, process, accuracy and timing. So, we’re in the business of business improvement, it’s our sole objective.

“One company stood above all the rest in both the comprehensive scalability and willingness to work on the project.” Andy Jones, Managing Director, Totus Environmental

Understanding the True Impact of the Problem
Understanding the True Impact of the Problem

You have to know you have a problem…?

You have a problem… do you have a problem? The first thing is recognising it and being honest about it being real, not just a user gripe! And importantly being open-minded on how to fix it. Secondly, understanding the true impact that the problem has had, is currently having and could have if left for any longer period. Thirdly, the strength and belief that it can be solved. How? By technology of course! The answer to most business problems, well, solved by business software that’s built for specialist industry applications, anyway!

Take for example, an incorrect price in a spread sheet has been input and transferred from one application to another – manually input into your accounting application. It’s been contractually agreed and in place with a number of customers for some time, someone questions it and of course it is incorrect. How many times has it happened? How much has it cost the business? Who has been billed incorrectly? How can you get the ‘money back’, can you get the money back, and what impact is that going to have on customer service, how long is it going to take to put right and profitable again?

“When it was time to move away from separate software solutions, SAP was a natural choice for Gasrec.” Rick Twomey, Project & Systems Manager, Gasrec

Identify the Solution & The Business Case for Change
Identify the Solution & The Business Case for Change


Problem, Process, Solution

You have identified the problem, been honest with yourself about the impact and admitted that it may not have been the first time it’s happened! It may take a serious amount of resource to sort out, put right and try and recoup in some way. It could happen again. You could leave it. It may be just one problem in many that occur from the team working on separate software applications. We often tell ourselves “if it’s not broken…” but now you have realised it is, now you can do something about it, now you want to do something about it as there is an alternative – right here!

The next task is identifying in the process where the problem actually exists. (Just because this is a problem in an area that deals with customers, doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new CRM!) If this is early on in the entire business process, it could have greater repercussions, for example, a typical problem could be a manual quote process, enter the wrong price, contact details or materials and things can go really wrong as the transaction passes through stages of completion. Whatever the problem must have a serious impact to warrant doing something about it, the result the business case for investment and change.

By using one set of data, master data, ISB Global can eradicate these problems, ensuring all business processes run smoothly. By migrating business activities to integrated ‘platforms’ (see platforms diagram) speeds up process, increases accuracy and subsequently has an impact on profitability. So, the solution – integrating activities facilitated by the use of integrated software, using one set of data.

Business Improvement - Scope, Implement, Support,
Business Improvement – Scope, Implement, Support


How ISB Global improves business – SAP WR1 implementation and services

ISB Global’s function is to improve your business, firstly by understanding where the challenges and problems are with current processes and what impact the difficulties have on the business. We demonstrate how the integrated solution portfolio, mobile, operations and accounts can alleviate those problems.

ISB Global Software Platforms
ISB Global Software Platforms

Through the integrated software portfolio, SmartWorld (mobile and web), Waste & Recycling One (Operations), SAP Business One (Accounts / ERP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS / Cloud infrastructure). ISB Global aims to alleviate these problems and also, radically improve process and in turn improve your business activities, by a range of between 20-80%, as stated earlier. These increases in performance are documented to mitigate risk and to know what sort of improvements you will be getting. Improvements are centred on 4 key areas:

SmartWorld - Mobile and Web Innovation Platform

SmartWorld – Mobile & Web Innovation Platform

Engage all stakeholders of the business by extending functions, tailor interface and work flow for the user on any device and any operating system. For example a customer portal gives self-service recycling reports or a subcontractor supplier can logon complete tasks and upload data for automated matching. The difference is that data, task and activity are integrated in real time to SAP, Waste & Recycling One, so anything that goes on in the field can be administered, transacted from automatically or reported on immediately.

Waste Recycling One

Waste & Recycling One (WR1) – Logistics & Recycling Operations

Plan and execute jobs using master data and automated compliance processes. Ensuring that from the very first customer interaction, through to the job taking place; the follow up through auditable customer service routines, confirmation of charging and payments running smoothly and to plan, and of course, profitably. For example, pricing master data for customer and supplier is added automatically to the work order according to a set of rules which gives line level profitability against each activity in the work order, (along with specific compliance information) ensuring you never under or over charge and the subcontractor elements are always profitable.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One – Accounting & Finance

After the mobile activity and tasks have been completed, the job has been closed and confirmed in Waste & Recycling One, the payment and charging elements are automatically moved to purchase and sales orders, then onto invoices, journal transactions and automatic posting to the (configured) ledger, a banking transaction can also be consolidated from the financial transaction, with reports triggered and output automatically. Due to the operations transaction controlled by master data, process automated and in one solution, the data is correct and billed to speed cash flow for an instant financial position of the customer, materials, inventory and company, and actually, any report you want, providing the data is captured.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services – Cloud Infrastructure

The solution is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ensuring access, security, real time back up and low cost, risk free IT, which is always up to date and flexible to add more memory as your business grows. For example, the business starts up in a new country (or remote access is required in the UK), simply give access to the new users, increase additional memory and the new team is incorporated into operations, simply.

“We needed a robust yet flexible software solution with full purchasing, project and budgetary controls.” Jason Rundle, Project Director, Evora Energy

Proven & Documented Business Improvement Throughout the End to End Process
Proven & Documented Business Improvement Throughout the End to End Process


Where does ISB Global Improve Business – Throughout the Entire Process

ISB Global’s integrated solution covers everything that a waste and recycling operation requires, mobile, web, operations, accounting and infrastructure.

The integrated platforms manage all business processes through end to end operations. The idea is that ISB Global can meet over 90% of these process requirements with standard preconfigured software. If alternative processes, capture or user interface workflow is required, there are flexible tools, such as adding fields, the Software Development Kit (SDK) or the SmartWorld Rapid Application Development (RAD) to build new functions, quickly and cost effectively, while keeping integrated with the core application and the business operation.

Key Process Areas in Waste & Recycling One Integrate the Entire Business
Key Process Areas in Waste & Recycling One Integrate the Entire Business

Each process becomes intrinsically linked using one set of data. Therefore, ISB Global can prudently state that the speed, ease of admin, timing, accuracy and profitability can increase in each process area by 20-80%, based on calculations on administrative time saving and accuracy (Financial and Operational RoI) vs. separate software applications.

These improvements are documented as part of a sales process and ISB Global states that they’ll deliver them as part of the implementation project. In turn this details the business case, mitigates risk and ensures that the customer knows exactly what improvements are planned as part of their investment.

“We chose SAP Business One because it provided us with the seamless ability to expand through organic growth or through acquisition.” Peter Alexander, Director, Hinkcroft Waste Recycling Limited

Integrated Industry Specialist Software for Total Business Efficiency
Integrated Industry Specialist Software for Total Business Efficiency

To Sum That Up…

ISB Global is an SAP software partner implementing Waste & Recycling One for SAP Business One, specifically for small and midsize companies in the waste and recycling sector.

The software solution is different as it is fully integrated: mobile, operations and accounts, and of course the cloud infrastructure. This is designed to save you time and money through huge efficiencies of working on one software suite, using one set of data, rather than multiple applications that all require input, interfaces, expensive support and maintenance.

We document improvements in process that range between 20-80% vs. using separate software applications and deliver these improvements by a carefully controlled implementation project to mitigate risk. Initially improvements centre on speed, administration, timing and profitability. However, there are also huge longer terms benefits like continued advance in technology, customer service and competitive advantage.

So, if your company is focused on waste logistics, recycling materials, new energy, broking, reprocessing or the creation of circular closed supply loops, anywhere in the world, ISB Global can help you to run a sustainable, profitable and efficient business.

Why not get in touch for a demonstration and see how ISB Global can help?

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