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6 Oct 14

Green Alliance Propose Policy Reforms

Green Alliance Propose Environmental & Resource Policy Reforms The Green Alliance has published three pamphlets that seek to explore environmental challenges from the perspectives of the three main political traditions in the UK. Green Liberalism, Green Social Democracy and Green Conservatism each set … Continued

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29 Sep 14

Bioenergy in Europe

Bioenergy in Europe: A new beginning or the end of the road? Bioenergy faces challenges in Europe, but there is reason to believe it can make a comeback. When the European Commission announced its long-term climate-change strategy in January 2014, it called for … Continued

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22 Sep 14

Circular Economy: RWM 2014 Highlights

RWM 2014 Highlights ‘Change in Culture’ Needed to Boost Circular Economy What’s required to make the Circular Economy Work?  People outside the waste and recycling sector need to better understand the importance of the circular economy in order for it … Continued

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11 Sep 14

The Networked Economy Technology Overview

Networked Economy to Drive Net Worth – Collaborate, Create & Compete Networked enterprises are 50% more likely to have increased sales and be market leaders. “Conversations on the Future of Business” Source: McKinsey As ever, it’s not what you know, but whom … Continued

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10 Sep 14

The Networked Economy is Circular

A Circular, Networked Economy with SAP In 2005 British yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur became the fastest person to circumnavigate the globe alone. For this record-breaking achievement, she gained both international renown and the title of Dame Commander under the British Empire. Click here for … Continued

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9 Sep 14

The Networked Economy

The Networked Economy: A Revolution in Progress By MIT Technology Review Custom on August 27, 2014 | In Partnership with SAP The Networked Economy is the next economic revolution. In the coming years, it will offer unprecedented opportunities for businesses and improve the lives … Continued

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5 Sep 14

Digital Disrupters

Can Oil and Gas Companies Become Digital Disrupters? Back in 2005, text messages were sent peer to peer, and blogs were typically long essays. Founded the following year, Twitter bucked traditional blogging and allowed users to broadcast microblog posts (tweets) … Continued

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