Our Vision

Our vision describes what we want to do and achieve as a company, to ensure growth and sustainability

  • People: We want ISB to be a great place to work, where people have fun and are inspired to achieve the best
  • Products: We want to bring to our customers a portfolio of Software Solutions which adds significant value to their businesses while ensuring economic sustainability
  • Partners: We want to create a network of Customers, Suppliers and Partners, to work towards a common goal and success
  • Productivity: We want ISB to be a forward thinking, dynamic and agile organisation


Our Values

Our values detail what we all believe in, setting the standards which guide our behaviour

  • Openness, Trust and Integrity: we will be honest and transparent in everything we do
  • Professionalism: we will operate with integrity and deliver to the highest professional and ethical standards
  • Passion for Quality: we are passionate about delivering value, and will always look to learn from mistakes, develop ideas and innovation which make us market leaders
  • Responsibility: we take responsibility for our actions, we want to do what is right for our customer