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Total Customer Service and Control

October 25, 2013

Did you ever wish you could give your customers something more?

Waste & Recycling One – Ensuring you have all the correct data you need to manage the execution of your job, on date, time and to expectations.

Waste & Recycling One – As an integrated solution using one source of Master Data, the lead up to job execution ensures you already have all the data from site, supplier, haulage, transport, costs, price, automated compliance and reporting.

Whatever the type of waste or recycling oriented job you are completing, you need to ensure that you have all the correct data, costs, dates and assets required to carry out the job, profitably.

This means effective software in place to quote, repeat the job; manage price, cost, sub-contractors, vehicles, disposal costs and the reprocessing activities at your MRF, transfer station or plant. And if something was to go wrong, you can fix it, effortlessly.

The more manual data used and different systems worked on, the more likely things could go wrong – incorrect site, wrong time, material, price, or subcontractor late, or worse, lose your customer.

All of these things can add to a bad service, an unprofitable job, worst of all, no repeat orders and dwindling order book.

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