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The Ecolabel

October 30, 2017

The Ecolabel

The EcoLabel
The EcoLabel

Towards a Circular Economy

The EU EcoLabel promotes Europe’s transition to a circular economy, where materials stay in a loop, so new products begin when old ones end. This drives manufacturers to produce goods that:

  • Promote green innovation and sustainable industries
  • Generate less waste and CO2 when they are made and used
  • Use energy, water and raw materials more wisely
  • Last longer and are easier to repair
  • Are easier to recycle

For example, some paints now use oil from algae as a low-carbon alternative to traditional petroleum-based oil. Thanks to the label’s transparent criteria, consumers can make responsible choices while supporting green innovation and jobs.

Around 40 000 products and services hold the EU Ecolabel, from baby clothes to electronic equipment. It is a reliable label that identifies products and services with a reduced environmental impact:

  • Verified by independent experts
  • Strict criteria for over 30 different categories of products and services, updated regularly
  • The entire product life cycle considered, from production to recycling or disposal
  • Consumer health and responsible production guaranteed
  • No compromise on performance. It is easy to consume green!

65 % of consumers who know the EU Ecolabel already trust it. EU Ecolabel products can come from anywhere in the world, as long as they prove that they fulfil its criteria.

The EcoLabel - Green Consumerism
The EcoLabel – Green Consumerism

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