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Ribbex Recycling & Waste Management Success Story

August 29, 2018

Ribbex Complete Waste Management Service Success Story


Ribbex is a commercial recycling and waste management company based in Hertfordshire, established for over 30 years. Providing a complete waste management service and landfill-free solutions for business of all sizes, specialising in the collection of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials, nationally, throughout the UK.

Specialising in general trade waste collection service provides competitive landfill free collections creating a bespoke and personalised service for business needs. Offering a dry mixed recycling service, recycling cooking oil, confidential waste, septic tanks, forecourt, WEEE, a bulk tanker service and CCTV, for technical and hazardous waste, operating in healthcare, facilities, education, retail, food manufacturing and construction.

Ribbex Waste Management Vehicle
Ribbex Waste Management Vehicle

Collecting a large and diverse number of waste materials, priding themselves on completing the job properly and honestly, while offering maximum recovery for customers. Ribbex embrace technology and their modern waste vehicles are fitted with the latest on-board vehicle management systems, enhancing customer service while minimising environmental impact. The management team approached ISB Global as they were having difficulties in a number of areas with separate software applications.

Key areas are to manage the work force and job order management, planning collections, to invoicing and accounting, auditing and tracking waste materials while all the enhancements of CRM deliver integrated customer service in between those functions. Ribbex are really pleased with SAP, Waste & Recycling One and ISB Global, who continue to offer great support and a continuous improvement program. Everything is totally transparent, easy to understand and logical, simple as well as integrated, reducing invoicing time by a week, support is instantaneous, proactive, ISB Global is quick to respond and ensuring the software is fit for our and our customer’s needs, allowing us to grow.

[Delivering greater insight into order management…] “We are able to charge a minimum of £80,000 a year of extra revenue… One solution is key” – Alasdair Coulsdon, Managing Director, Ribbex

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