Become more efficient with waste haulage software

  Matt Farnworth


Haulage is obviously a central part of any waste and recycling operation. Waste is collected from both domestic and commercial premises and needs to be separated, weighed and moved on as efficiently as possible.

That’s how it ideally should work, but for many waste management businesses, this is often not the case. Waste Haulage is still managed by reams of paperwork – shift schedules, delivery notes, collection papers, and invoices. This paperwork is often managed by the driver and then handed over to the office who have to reconcile and file. If this sounds like the way your business is currently running, have you considered adding up all the hours this admin takes? It can be a shock for a haulage businesses, but also a worthwhile exercise to see how investing in waste haulage software could help them to save both time and money – and improve customer service at the same time.

The benefits of waste haulage software

Like any software, waste hauling software is designed to simplify processes, support collaboration and improve visibility and reporting. All of this working together makes software the perfect solution to your company’s waste haulage logistics and planning.

The main benefits include:

  • Reducing paperwork – by moving processes online, you dramatically reduce the need for paperwork, and the associated issues that often occur with filing, retrieval and data collection.
  • Improve process controls – gaining better visibility over your processes helps you to streamline them where needed, getting rid of unnecessary steps and updating approaches to give you the best return.
  • Sharing knowledge – a paper-based system is often ‘held’ by just one or two people in the organisation. When they leave or are away, things can slow down and problems occur. Putting software in place helps to improve collaboration, keep things running smoothly and allows knowledge to be accessible across the business.
  • Reporting visibility – for industrial applications like waste and recycling management, waste hauling software brings essential visibility. This helps with your internal planning and reporting, but is also important if you are required to report regularly to your customers, or comply with local or national regulations.
  • Integration with other operations – ideally, haulage management will be part of a wider software solution. Using many different software packages is unnecessarily expensive and can create problems with visibility and reporting. Using a single solution allows processes to be integrated across the business, helping you to streamline, save money and become more competitive.

The first step to choosing the best waste haulage software for your business is to take an in-depth look across your business and understand what is holding you back. This will allow you to see where you can benefit from state-of-the-art software solutions that manage all your processes and give you a solid basis for talking to vendors and making the right investment. Our handy one-stop guide on waste management software can help.

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