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Web Portal Technology Connect to Anything and Everything

February 6, 2019

Web Portal Technology Connect to Anything and Everything

Web Portal Technology Connect to Anything and Everything ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One
Web Portal Technology – Connect to Anything and Everything – ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One

Web Portal Technology Connect to Anything and Everything

Web Portal Technology Connect to Anything and Everything

Mobile, Web, Environmental Operations & Accounting Software Deployed in the Cloud

Automate transactions from in-field to operations to accounts, speeding process, increasing accuracy and halving time spent on data administration

The ‘SmartWorld’ Web Portal, part of the SAP, Waste & Recycling One integrated cloud software platforms, allows access to key business data, on any device and any operating system. ISB Global can present any data from SAP, Waste & Recycling One, or an external source, device or equipment, add work flow, build in logic and redesign user interface to suit the application and user. Allowing for complete, easy, interactive mobile, web access and IoT functionality.

Web Portal Technology

A web portal is a website that has been designed specifically to display data and information from a range of different sources. Data and information can be displayed in a variety of different ways according to the content, user and purpose. Design of the portal can help with the user interaction, utilise additional logic, create a workflow or process and initiate a transaction.

Preconfigured Waste & Recycling Industry Apps

ISB Global is an Outsystems partner. We’ve developed the range of mobile and web apps on the Outsystems platform, branded SmartWorld. These apps range vastly in functionality from waste logistics to a recycling materials focus, DriviLogix and RoutiLogix, for example. We also connect to shop floor equipment, onboard vehicle weighing, multiple weighbridges and scales, and have a Smart Bin app, BinLogix that can work in conjunction with RoutiLogix. Some are better suited to a desktop or web portal environment, others are specifically designed for mobile app use. It is important to note that these apps are preintegrated to SAP, Waste & Recycling One’s data throughout the entire end to end process as SmartWorld but can be decoupled to integrate to your own data sources.

Optimum Architecture

Gartner call this architecture bimodal. It delivers both agility in the low code, mobile, web, connectivity and innovations platform, SmartWorld. While also delivering control, stability, scalability, safety, accuracy and reliability in the workflow, functionality and data of SAP, Waste & Recycling One. For additional optimum efficiency, ISB Global host this solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) – The Cloud. The benefits to AWS are extensive, and include, pay as you go, mirror and test environments, storage, real time upgrades and disaster recovery, 24/7 access and no latency.

Complete Flexibility

You can take a SmartWorld Web Portal (App) off the shelf and tailor it quickly and cost effectively to your needs. Not just simply displaying information, taking an order or enquiry or confirming a price, job or pre-acceptance process, for example. But utilise the SmartWorld innovations and connectivity environment to connect to equipment, supply data, create a process that enhances that piece of equipment or involves users, customers or suppliers or all of them. So, when we talk of web portals, we mean, connect to anything and everythingwhat ideas do you have, how can we help you deliver competitive advantage through serving your stakeholder more effectively?

Tailor Your Mobile & Web Applications

We can display anything on any device. We can tailor the user interface to suit the requirements of the user and the application they require, from a sales person writing a note, a driver confirming a job, to the CEO getting a cashflow alert on their mobile dashboard. Choose from the prebuilt SmartWorld applications, use them as a start or develop your own, please! (It’s low code, so development is quick).

Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity and Platform

IoT doesn’t just mean that you can connect to equipment and that is it. You need to make sense of the data, in a process and use it to inform and help with a workflow or aid in transaction or deliver some intelligence so that a transaction downstream can be performed. Take on board weighing for example, capture the weight of the container and match it to the planned order for that lift, if in tolerance and what has been planned and is expected, raise a sales order, an invoice, email the customer, AND post the accounting transaction – AUTOMATICALLY. In real time. No human or interface necessary. In real time, soon as you have lifted that container. Oh! You want to raise a standard penalty charge automatically if it is overweight, you want that to appear as a pop up in customer services, so they can call, smooth it over and discuss, sure, no problem, it’s already there, in the portal.

Interface Suits Device, Application, User & Workflow

You can take SmartWorld web portal technology off the shelf and tailor it to your needs. That is exactly what it is designed to do. Fit for purpose and ready for change. Additionally, we can display the web or mobile app on any device. Ensure that the workflow and additional data capture is connected to device, equipment, person and process so, whatever the task, it’s optimised, in sequence and provides the greatest intelligence. Automatically.

The Future

So, we’ve all become spoilt on Smart Phones, instant data, access and results. So why can’t we deliver it in business? ISB Global has future proofed our technology stack with vendors and applications that provide standardised, preconfigured processes in business management applicable to where ever you are in the world. The SmartWorld (Outsystems aPaaS) has preintegrated, industry specific apps. With technology that is quick to deploy, develop and configure, importantly, integrated using the same set of data for automation of process. Allowing you to connect to anything and everything.

Thinking of software technology to boost your business, IoT… AI, Blockchain and wondering how with multiple applications and legacy systems…?

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