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ISB Global’s Integrated Cloud Software Platforms is a suite of pre-integrated or standalone software platforms designed for public municipalities & private companies who operate in waste logistics & recycling materials, new energy plants, & supply loops, delivering efficiency, accuracy, profitability, flexibility & usability. We explore the technology behind it, and where each solution falls within a waste and recycling end-to-end process.

Global Vendor, Global Reach

ISB Global is an SAP Business One partner and has developed integrated software platforms that suit the requirements of organisations operating in waste logistics and recycling materials sectors, worldwide, SAP, Waste & Recycling One.

Integrated Bi-Modal Process Flow

ISB Global has compiled this simple overview of the SAP, Waste & Recycling One integrated bi-modal process flow that details the entire business process for a waste logistics and recycling materials operation from Enquiry to Banking.

  • Integrated with ERP: The integrated software platforms differ greatly from separate software applications in that they are integrated to finance and accounting. Following a bi-modal approach by utilising the integrated low code platform, which delivers mobile, web, IoT, connectivity and innovations on a suite of software solutions branded SmartWorld.
  • One Set of Data: Together, as a truly integrated, bi-modal operation, the overwhelming value proposition is the immediate financial and operational return on investment by controlling and automating business processes with the use of master data administering transactional data.
  • Bi-Modal Innovations Platform: The process is extended into the SmartWorld mobile and web innovations platform. So that operations can be run in real time using the same master data. You can choose from the existing suite of apps or develop your own according to the user interface, data capture, workflow or application required. Which is the inherent nature of the low code, rapid application development platform built on the multi-award-winning OutSystems (aPaaS).
  • Delivering Competitive Advantage: Longer term return on investment is delivered by strategic and technical benefits, such as the enhancement of customer service to give extensive competitive advantages. The easy integration and use of new technologies to increase and complement the existing platforms, such as Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, giving additional efficiencies and intelligence to increase productivity. With continual releases and updates of the core ERP and operations platform, SAP, Waste & Recycling One, we call it ‘software for life’.
  • Integrated Bi-Modal Process Flow Diagram: The process flow document is designed to give an insight into the integrated bi-modal sequence of tasks and activities within an easy to understand visual outline. Highlighting key process areas in screenshots, linked with explanations and additional labels to detail automated process flow, additional functions, example and commentary.
Key Benefits of integrating WR1
Mobile, Web, Internet of Things, Innovations & Connectivity

SmartWorld – ISB Global has designed a low code, mobile, web, connectivity and interactivity platform branded SmartWorld built on the OutSystems platform. SmartWorld has been designed for ease and integration. With mobile, in-field, people and equipment integration as standard, choose from the suite of preconfigured applications or tailor them to your work flow, process, user experience, data, analytics and design requirements.

ERP, CRM, Reporting and Analytics Suite

SAP Business One – ISB Global has extended the preconfigured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platform to fit specific global waste recycling industry requirements. Meeting the needs of private companies and public municipalities, SAP Business One delivers preconfigured integrated financial accounting management, purchasing, sales, customer relationship management, distribution, logistics, manufacturing, reporting and analytics.

Infrastructure as a Service

Amazon Web Services – ISB Global support cloud computing and is an Amazon Web Services partner. Amazon EC2 is a web service that provides flexible, secure capacity in the cloud. Enabling the increase or decrease in capacity, payment for what you use, maintain complete control, choice of instances, operating systems and software. Multiple additional services, developer tools and technologies ensuring easy back up, retrieval, storage and cost.

Technology we use


Choose from the suite of mobile, web, IoT and connectivity apps or design your own to increase interaction, enhance workflow, usability, engagement & information to any stakeholder on any device.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One
Preconfigured waste operations & recycling materials business processes to manage, supply loops, logistics, export, subcontractors, weighbridges, production, inventory, pricing, purchasing & sales.

Waste and Recycling One

Waste and Recycling One
Pre-integrated Business Management software for automated payments, charging, invoicing, accounting, banking & key business management information.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services
Cost-effective pay as you go cloud infrastructure deployment to manage complete server, backups, disaster recovery, mirror & implementation environments.

Integrated Cloud Software Platforms – solutions to your waste management processes

The chain of how our software solutions link together uses a vast connection of platforms that link to your master data. Download this PDF: ISB-Global-SAP-Waste-Recycling-One-Integrated-Bi-Modal-Process-Flow to see a diagram of how all of thiS fits together within a waste and recycling management operation.

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We describe each solution below.

Master Data

Is a key part of the implementation of SAP, Waste & Recycling One. It ensures that all data conforms to certain rules, governance and control. It helps to manage transactional data for speed, efficiency and accuracy. Master Data is the single source of common business data used throughout SAP, Waste & Recycling One.


The SmartWorld Web Portal, part of the SAP, Waste & Recycling One integrated cloud software platforms, allows access to key business data, on any device and any operating system. ISB Global can present any data from SAP, Waste & Recycling One, or an external source, add workflow, build in logic and redesign user interface to suit the application and user. Allowing for complete, easy, interactive mobile and web access.


The SAP, Waste & Recycling One CRM covers many aspects of customer relationship management. Using Master Data the waste management software can manage enquiry, activities, meetings and callbacks, also develop quick quotes that are easily transferred to live work orders. Configurable pipeline management allows for the definition of your sales process. Comprehensive customer service allows the tracking and audit of work orders, service level agreements, trace assets, materials batches, serial numbers and warranties with full reporting and analytics of service targets.

Procurement Process

An additional function of the SmartWorld web portal is the procurement process. This can be integrated with SAP, Waste & Recycling One to provide a range of master data controls, secure information and linked to the AR process in SAP Waste & Recycling One and online payment merchants through open API’s.

Customer Service

Activities can be enabled anywhere in SAP, Waste & Recycling One and allow for the traceability of customer service contact against configurable rules and content guidelines, service level agreements, queues, time frames and targets. Activities can be used to follow-up tasks on Work Orders, tracking materials, equipment, warranties and help with maintenance activities. Real time reporting and analytics are standard so team performance metrics are easy and up to date.

Portal Reporting & Analytics

Data can be turned into useful visual information within the SmartWorld web portal in a format that applies to your requirements, user interface and application. Report, analyse and predict any information that is captured from first enquiry to banking transactions and display on any device and any operating system for ease, self-servicing information and real time updates.

Hazardous Materials

The acceptance process manages the transactions between those organisations producing and accepting materials with specific characteristics and composition to be batched, neutralised, disposed and recycled. The SmartWorld web portal has been utilised to speed the process and make things more efficient, and manage the sample collection, lab testing, checks, authorisation and report generation for collection, acceptance and batching.

Pre & Acceptance Process

Data from SAP Waste & Recycling One is displayed in a web portal so that material composition and characteristics can be confirmed correct according to sample testing. When confirmed a work order can be assigned to collect the materials from producer, accept into a configurable inventory and production process, where materials can be stored, batched, entered into a production process for safe disposal, neutralisation or recycling.

Contract & Forecasting

Manages the inbound materials supply and outbound recycled materials provision allowing for authorised materials to be accepted from contracted amounts, frequencies, time frames, paid for and/ or charged. Contract and Forecasting also includes container management, order types, recurring work order frequencies with links to customer, supplier, accounting and material characteristics and composition.

Automated Job Scheduling

Once key master data has been loaded, tested and is live, all scheduled jobs can be automatically generated along with customer, supplier, material, disposal route, pricing, purchasing, sales, transfer and reporting information ready to instruct internal or external teams of what is planned to be executed. Tools in the automation engine ensure a range of recurrence and scheduling flexibility to lower administration, while increasing efficiency and customer service.

Contract Reporting & Analytics

Data from SAP Waste & Recycling One Contract & Forecasting can be displayed in a web portal to meet your needs and the needs of your customer and suppliers. Visually depicting real time materials streams, demand and supply, variance, penalties, weights, costs, process and containers, as an example. Access the information in real time from any device and any operating system and display the interface in any format you require.

Work Order Row Instructions

Aggregates all the collected master data and unique requirements to ensure succinct instruction on what is planned to take place. Including all customer, supplier and subcontractor data, order and materials type, container and vehicle configurations, order numbers, transactions, disposal, transfrontier information and scheduling details. As well as comprehensive charges and costs, which detail line level profitability from customer and supplier pricing master data.

IoT Smart Bins – Bin Logix

SmartWorld provides an integration and IoT platform for people, devices and equipment. This allows the connection of devices, the design of logic and data processing into a meaningful format, which can then be displayed or incorporated into process to provide information on how to work more efficiently. The BinLogix sensors provide volume, heat, movement and location data so that fill and forecast rate can be used to optimise collection, integrated with SAP, Waste & Recycling One orders can be proposed and automatically scheduled to take place.

Job Scheduling Management

Allows for refinement of the scheduled work order instruction across time, route and sequence. Drag and drop functionality allows for quick amends to take place with powerful filters and layout options to dissect job information, which includes customers, routes, sequences, pricing, materials, order types vehicle configurations and various capacities. Once complete, dispatch to subcontractor, internal teams, publish to portal or send to SmartWorld RoutiLogix for further refinements, demand planning and optimisation.

Logistics – Route & Sequence Confirmation; Automated Report Generation

When jobs are confirmed within route and sequence, reports are generated automatically from the master data required to complete this process. Reports can be generated and printed or sent to customers and suppliers automatically by email as part of the materials collection process. The waste transfer or consignment note can be sent directly to the customer or published to a SmartWorld web portal for self-service.

SmartWorld RoutiLogix

Manages the logistics planning and scheduling in a powerful, configurable web user environment. Check on the configurable dashboard to immediately highlight priority tasks, manage ad hoc jobs and amends. Refine routes, sequences, vehicle and driver configurations. Administer resources, routes, real time execution of jobs and in-field challenges as they occur. Optimise routes against configurable parameters to suit your specific needs, when ready, real time communication with DriviLogix provides total control of remote activities and vehicle operations.

SmartWorld DriviLogix

When routes, jobs, optimisation, vehicle and driver configurations are confirmed, the route and jobs are ready to send to the driver and vehicle device. The device can manage the entire communications requirements with driver and vehicle, utilising the native apps for tracking and photographs. Integration to on board vehicle management systems for data capture on consumption and driving efficiency can be completed. Capture PoD signature to confirm job completion. Configure the app to meet your requirements, extend and integrate processes to give you further advantages.

RoutiLogix – Real Time Tracking, Variance Analysis & Shift Debrief

As each job takes place on route and in sequence, the job, vehicle and status are updated and confirmed complete in the route job list. Key real time metrics can be recorded and displayed in the dashboard such as stops, loads, material weights and fuel consumption. When integrated with IoT onboard weighing, planned weights can be checked against actual collected weights, ensuring of vehicle compliance, optimum transport, weight-based payments and penalties.

Asset & Equipment Maintenance

Schedule equipment and asset maintenance to achieve maximum uptime, optimisation and compliance. Manage parts inventory and warranties and off-site maintenance by subcontractors against service level agreements. Manage complex maintenance and parts hierarchies and work orders which include process, health and safety protocol and equipment calibration parameters for time-based, preventative maintenance scheduling.

Weighbridges, Scales & Remote Operations

Integrate directly to weighbridges, scales, onboard weighing, remote or third-party operations to provide real time confirmation of weights. Verify collected material weights against planned instructions as collections are made or when the load arrives at depot, validating order, costs, charges and materials for capacity planning and production processes. Accept into inventory processes for laboratory checks, quality processes, serial, batch number assignment and inventory issues, receipts, transfers, warehouse and bin location processes and production processes.

Depot Management

When the materials arrive at the disposal or recycling site they can be receipted into inventory, warehouse and bin location via the weighbridge or scales, ready for a range of production processes. Comprehensive production orders with work centre configuration and resource data capture manages multiple production processes according to value of materials. Capturing this value can be added to the material or refurbished assets at the end of the process ready for sale.

SmartWorld Materials Confirmations & UX Design

Weighbridge and scales operations are a pivotal part of the process when confirming materials, weights charges and costs and need to be managed accordingly. SAP, Waste & Recycling One and SmartWorld allows for the entire management of this process. The user interface and process can be redesigned to enhance the experience, create new work flow, data capture and logic for unique operations, subtleties in process and additional advantage and enhancements to these procedures.

Portal – Supplier Portal Data Upload

Ensuring correct and trustworthy data supplied by third parties and subcontractors is checked and validated can be a difficult task. SAP Waste & Recycling One allows rules and tolerances to be set so when data from the portal or transferred directly to SAP Waste & Recycling One is uploaded, it can be checked against validation rules. If the data doesn’t conform to set tolerances, it can be redirected to automated charges, penalties or customer service queues depending on the nature of the tolerance breached.

Automated Order, Invoice & Ticket Match

Presents a huge opportunity for organisations that outsource waste logistics and recycling materials. A lot of organisations simply outsource everything and pay an invoice at the end of the cycle, with materials and resources becoming scarcer, organisations are tasked with controlling both materials logistics costs and the traceability of resource materials and assets. Both can be achieved by the automated order scheduling and the purchase, AP invoice and third-party weight information provided by the subcontractor, if they do not match within configurable tolerance, then the transactions are queued for investigation, materials batches can be tracked in a similar way.

IoT – Equipment Connectivity, Integration & Intelligence

The SmartWorld mobile, web, connectivity and innovations suite, built on the multi award-winning Outsystems Platfom (aPaaS), can be used to connect and integrate with equipment to provide exchange of data. This helps with calibration of equipment, energy management, process control, production procedures, plant safety and predictive maintenance routines. Autonomous intelligence can be utilised simply to build in efficiencies and greater process control when ready.

Stock Management

Materials can be managed into quality, inventory, warehouse, bin location, transfer, receipt and issue, serial and batch processes, with automated cycle counts, valuations and stock takes, ready for production processes and monitoring according to value add. Work centres can manage resource, effort, timing, additional materials and capacity or simple mass balance analysis can be generated according to materials yields. SAP Waste & Recycling One and SmartWorld can be utilised to integrated to shop floor processes and equipment for greater control of operations, timings and efficiencies, while providing key information on capacity, and calibration for uptime and operational efficiency.

Management Materials Profile, Characteristics & Composition

The SAP, Waste & Recycling One Item Master Data Management for stocked and non-stocked (service) items functionality has been significantly extended to provide data capture for the yield, behaviour and content of materials. As comprehensive material information is held as master data, integrated parallel processes can be achieved automatically such as manifests, waste transfers, duty of care, pricing and quality procedure checks. Naming conventions and codes are completely configurable so that statutory reporting on inventory, throughput, transfer and disposal can be tracked, audited and published to the correct authority easily.

IoT – Materials & Asset Traceability

Order, serial and batch number, materials and assets can be tracked easily from collection to recycling or to known locations using a variety of built in functions or externally integrated technology. SAP Waste & Recycling One provides comprehensive work order management to track materials via customer, subcontractor and suppliers, where necessary publishing to web portal to provide an interactive platform to monitor material flows through supply loops and manage transactions with actors in the loop.

Outbound Order Management

The finished goods managed as inventory at depot or plant are sold from stock with a work order to instruct internal teams or subcontractor to move materials or assets once processed according to service level agreements. The disposal order can capture the outbound weight and weight on arrival at destination with any variance. All reporting information, on customer, supplier, subcontractor, materials, costs and  charges and confirmed and moved to AR/ AP processes in the integrated financial and accounting processes.

Transfrontier & Transboundary Shipments

The SAP Waste & Recycling One Work Order can be extended to manage the complex process of export and import of materials according to waste materials freight legislation, generating the correct reports according to materials exported. Managing the notifications, movements, consignor/consignee, countries of transit, producer/generator, disposal and final destinations with the associated costs and charging of exporting materials generated automatically from operational transactions.

Operational Reports

SAP Waste & Recycling is packaged with a range of report generating and analysis tools. Due to the control over the entire process and use of master data, reports are generated automatically and in real time and can be accessed or published to those that require the data or information. Self-servicing report generation is a key part of the implementation project, teaching users and teams to access data in query generation and management. Data can be accessed in static reports, forms, operational graphs and charts or standard financial reporting layouts. Tools can be scaled into within a Business Intelligence lifecycle. Reflecting the enhancement and use of ‘big data’ as the organisation digitally transforms to an information rich operation.

Sales and Purchase Document Generation

SAP Waste & Recycling One can provide several stages of order confirmation depending on the required business process and order configuration. Work orders can automatically, semi-automatically, or have manually generated sales and purchase order documentation. A document generation wizard can be configured as part of a cyclical process to generate these and other documents, posting journals to the correct general ledger as part of the account determination set up in the implementation project and ongoing support program.

Finance, Accounting & Banking

As a truly integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, SAP Waste & Recycling One has comprehensive accounting processes as standard. Journal entries, receivables and payable, cash flow, assets, budgets and projects, reconciliation, bank statements, payments, tax calculations, currency transactions and a range of standard configurable reporting and analytical tools are available. Enhancing real time financial and management reporting on critical financial aspects of the business.

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