Waste and Recycling challenges: Prevent failure

  Pritesh Pattni


Experiencing failure due to the systems you use is an issue faced by many Waste and Recycling management companies. We explore these challenges and how to meet them to prevent failure.

The problems
  • What is the daily impact of incorrect transactions on the business?
  • Does it take a long time to rectify an incorrect transaction in your business software applications?
  • Are you at risk of failing to meet your legislative and compliance obligations?
  • What is the feedback from your customers on customer services?
How using master data can help prevent failure

Master data represents the ‘objects’ which are agreed on and shared across the company. It can cover relatively static reference data, transactional, unstructured, analytical, hierarchical and metadata. Master data means having just one set of reference data to control the entire end-to-end process by incorporating rules, standardising input and removing duplication. To do this, all the information from various processes is collated in a way that can be compared with each other. This means that you can rely on your data to be accurate, up to date at all times, and to reflect the true state of the business as a whole – helping your business prevent failure.

Rectifying mistakes

By using master data, information is held in just one place, and not copied elsewhere to be used, meaning the up-to-date master data will always be the data accessed for any transactions. As data is held in one central location, any changes such as rectifying incorrect information will take effect in real-time.

Dealing with inconsistencies

Implementing a good software solution can allow you to set up complex rules, to watch over your process whilst workers go about their day-to-day activities. For example, if a weighbridge reports a load weight that is different than what was expected, a notification can be sent to a named person, or an alert sent out, to investigate the impact this might have and take action straight away.

Quality & compliance control

There are a number of laws governing waste disposal and dealing with hazardous waste. Waste and Recycling companies need to report on many different areas to internal and governmental bodies. They need to be able to generate access the information needed and be confident in its accuracy.

Profitable satisfied customers

In order to manage your business effectively, you need to trust that you are servicing your customers properly, and that they are happy with the results. You need to be able to check that orders are ready when they should be and that follow-up services are in place to check that everything ran smoothly.

How Waste and Recycling One can help prevent failure

Waste and Recycling One is a waste management software solution that standardises, integrates, simplifies, and automates all your waste and recycling processes, to create efficiencies throughout the business.

Masters in master data

We have developed a way of storing and accessing master data to control transactions in waste logistics and recycling materials. This ensures that you have command and oversight of the entire process. Waste and Recycling One delivers speed, efficiency and automation to ensure low value data administration is eliminated. Accuracy and profitability increase and process cycles shorten, resulting in superior customer service, revenue performance and cost management.

Quality & compliance control

ISB Global has developed functions in Waste & Recycling One to accurately manage the characteristics, components and quality of batches of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Pre-acceptance and laboratory sampling into production is managed by a variety of configurable process tasks and activities. Ensuring quality, planned input, expected output and profitable sale of finished goods within the supply loop, tracking products and materials in circulation.

Profitable satisfied customers

ISB Global also has completed extensive work to the customer and supplier service relationship management processes in Waste & Recycling One, ensuring that data is correct, up to date, and can be trusted. From the beginning of engagement, initial contact, pricing, quotes, materials, service level agreements and contract specifics are controlled meticulously with the use of master data. Ensuring when orders are ready for execution all data is correct, with a follow-up service easily maintained and tracked.

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