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Software Platforms

May 12, 2016

ISB Global Software Platforms

A suite of standalone or integrated software platforms designed for maximum operational efficiency, full flexibility, ease and usability.

ISB Global Software Platforms
ISB Global Software Platforms


A software platform of pre-configured mobile and web applications, customer and supplier portal, transport planning, scheduling and logistics, customer relations, mobile task management, dashboard reporting and analytics. Additionally, an agile development and integration environment for quick and easy coding of applications, allows redesign of work flow and business processes to suit any user, any application, any device, any operating system, mobile 24/7.

Waste & Recycling One

A preconfigured software platform of integrated functions specifically designed for waste logistics and recycling materials organisations focused on efficient business process, cost control, profitability, governance and compliance. Enquiry, quote, planning, scheduling, job order management, subcontractor management, weighbridge integration, reprocessing, inventory management and automated compliance reporting for multiple materials

SAP Business One

A preconfigured software platform of administrative, financial management, accounting, purchasing, sales, customer service, supplier management, warehousing, distribution, manufacturing and suite of reporting and analytics tools. Robust, scalable, automated enterprise resource planning for small to midsize operations, supported globally.

Amazon Web Services

Cloud suite for infrastructure, platform, service and multi-functional applications, which offer total flexibility, scalability, administrative, maintenance, reporting, storage, database, analytics, development and Internet of Things (IoT) toolkits.

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