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Software Engineering & Development

ISB Global has refactored Waste & Recycling One on the low code, multi-experience development platform, OutSystems, continuing progress and superior technical architecture for the waste and recycling industry. The software can be integrated to a range of different Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications for small and large enterprises. Following a bi-modal enterprise architecture, delivering a suite of innovative, preintegrated, preconfigured mobile and web applications for waste logistics and recycling materials operations. Available as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and uniquely, an Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) to deliver additional control over enterprise digital transformation. Deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Integrated Software Platforms

Integrated Software Platforms

ISB Global utilises ERP software integrated to Waste & Recycling One to deliver a bi-modal architecture. Constructing systems of record in ERP processes and systems of operation and innovation in the Waste & Recycling One low code, multi-experience development platform. Achieving a preconfigured operations process with the ability to develop integration, process, experience and connectivity for control of digital transformation.

Integrate to Innovate

ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Methods & Process

Methods & Process

ISB Global applies a number of procedures to each stage of software engineering and development, exercising structure according to phase or lifecycle. Researching and analysis, requirements and solution, plan and design, coding, testing, quality, deployment and maintenance. Ensuring optimum delivery, strong architecture and total focus on the business demand to achieve, quick, integrated and accurate problem solving.

Tactics & Technique

ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Understanding Requirements

Understanding Requirements

ISB Global aim to achieve compelling value in the ‘systems of record’ ERP and operations platforms. Optimising software engineering and development processes further to enhance customer satisfaction, operational excellence and competitive advantage. Extensive requirements gathering, analysis, specifications, validation techniques and change management deliver accurate solutions against business case, on time and budget.

Intuition to Unlock

ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Functional Scope

Functional Scope

ISB Global dedicates effort to gathering requirements, difficulties and impacts, discussing obstacles and documenting business processes. Ensuring requirements are complete, clear and consistent. Delivering models, use cases, requirement lists, user stories, objectives and anticipated changes. Establishing a precise method to deliver the enhancement to the problem with a concise, exact solution to the business objective.

Pinpoint Precision

ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Planning Requirements

Planning Requirements

ISB Global categorises requirements to manage the technical delivery of solution to solve a problem. Operational use, scenario and objective, performance, components, efficiency and environment. Including the architectural, functional and design needs. The comprehensive methodology safeguards against issues and focuses on clear guidelines to increase the effectiveness of problem solving for the process and business operation.

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ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Software Design

Software Design

ISB Global employs a range of design components, models and process to ensure accurate and efficient outcomes to problematic business scenarios. Expertise in several approaches are used and refined according to the situation. Delivering on requirements with simple, uniformed, and relevant solutions. Resulting in new capabilities, usability, performance and relieve administrative intensity and strain from legacy business systems.

Tactics for Evolution

ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Software Implementation

Software Implementation

ISB Global has a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources available internally and from vendor partnerships to support the software implementation project. Using a language best suited to the task, software features and quality are constructed according to the best methods. Rigorous testing is completed as part of an iterative delivery process before the user embarks on their testing process. This certifies quality and minimises problems when live.

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ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Testing & Documentation

Testing & Documentation

ISB Global ensures quality of the software engineering and development by undertaking extensive testing routines before the user determines suitable. Meets design requirements, is responsive, performs the desired functions, has good usability, delivers results and minimises defects. Documenting for maintenance delivers a comprehensive project based on scope, process and deliverables and alleviates identified problems for the business.

Formula to Fruition

ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Deployment & Maintenance

Deployment & Maintenance

ISB Global has a deployment process based on a set of controlled activities to ensure development transitions easily from test to production environments. Release assembles and transfers to live, installation and activation, configuration, with consideration to environments and continuous delivery protocols. Maintaining to correct faults, enhance and improve as part of a continual improvement methodology for increased efficiency.

Perpetual Progress

ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Process & Data Models

Data Models & Process

ISB Global meticulously documents data models and process. Providing functions and data structure to be gathered and stored, always creating an integrated model. This ensures exact information is planned, endorsed, developed ‘as-is’ – ‘to-be’ and certified when satisfactory. This standardised method delivers strong advances in development and confirms transparency on delivery protocols to transform and improve the operation.

Systematic Success

ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Frameworks & Environments

Frameworks & Environments

ISB Global utilise multiple frameworks within the vendor platforms used to develop and extend integrated process, functions and user interfaces. Enabling quick and easy extension of process and data capture according to the application required. The frameworks also include comprehensive development environments, code editors, compilers, automation and debugging tools. Assuring maximum, structure, control and productivity.

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ISB Global Software Engineering & Development Programming Models

Programming Models

ISB Global utilises programming according to the business objective and required tools to support the development. OutSystems uses rapid application development low code for mobile, web, interactivity and user interface. Object oriented methods are used to extend existing core and operations functions. And although preconfigured, Waste & Recycling One is designed to deliver any customisation for the process required.

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