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Training & Support

ISB Global implements Waste & Recycling One with training and support as part of a hybrid project management methodology suited to the resources, size, complexity, stages and tasks in the project. An iterative training program has been designed within the methodology to impart skills and knowledge through phases and sprints. Ensuring teams are conversant with functional and technical, process and architecture. Transitioning into a tailored service and support phase where assistance and maintenance is delivered and supported by multiple tiers, internal competence centre, ISB Global as industry and product specialist and core software platform vendors.

ISB Global Training & Support Project Implementation

Project Implementation

ISB Global has designed the implementation of Waste & Recycling One to continually optimise product, project and client's process throughout stages, phases and sprints. Through training and support, build a client competence centre for self-sufficiency. Phase and sprint have been designed to train and test functional and technical process. On go-live, the change results in new talent and competence in the redesigned, optimised, digitally transformed organisation.

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ISB Global Training & Support Resource Management

Resource Management

ISB Global has created the training and support project for Waste & Recycling One to consider the resource constraints of busy teams. Establishing efficient time, phase, sprints and change to inform, educate and impart knowledge to users on process, product, functional and technical structure. Ensuring familiarity and capability to operate, train and improve area of responsibility when live. Building user efficiencies, process optimisation and continual improvement in operations.

Organised Resource

ISB Global Training & Support Change Management

Change Management

ISB Global implements Waste & Recycling One to take advantage of existing integration, process management, new technology and innovations to leverage and create greater efficiency and beneficial change. Management, teams, users, training and cultural aspects of transformation are designed, carefully implemented and controlled. Delivering new, efficient methods of work, digital transformation capabilities, customer enhancements and competitive advantage.

Quiet Revolution

ISB Global Training & Support Continual Improvement

Continual Improvement

ISB Global has designed the implementation of Waste & Recycling One to identify areas of business opportunity throughout the project. Continually improving operations in extending stages of the on-going project. Prospective improvements present themselves for greater advance of financial, operational, technical and strategic aspects of operations. Pinpointing further areas for benefit, efficiency, change and digital transformation.

Power Progress

ISB Global Training & Support Product Support

Product Support

ISB Global has assembled the SAP, Waste & Recycling One integrated software platforms to provide outstanding vendor products, industry specialist configuration, support and ongoing advance, updates and roadmaps. Ensuring product extensibility and flexibility, fit for purpose and lifecycle. Continual improvement in the project to keep utilising technology breakthroughs, helping deliver profitable growth and increased customer service.

Software for Life

ISB Global Training & Support Technical Support

Technical Support

ISB Global ensures that SAP, Waste & Recycling One is supported by a competent, qualified and experienced team who are expert in partnerships, platforms, architecture, frameworks, process, code and development. Ensuring, change, support and continual improvement program are delivered to time and quality objectives. Establishing endorsed and approved methods to drive operations forward, keep problems to a minimum and to fully realise digital transformation.

Construct Transformation

ISB Global Training & Support Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance Agreements

ISB Global implements SAP, Waste & Recycling One with comprehensive software vendor maintenance policies. Patches, hotfixes, legislation changes, function, process enhancements and technology updates. Quality management and monitoring, knowledge transfer, communities, issue resolution and escalation handling. Product and lifecycle support from the vendor ecosystem to reassure, deliver certainty and to free the organisation to focus on growth objectives.

Universal Foundations

ISB Global Training & Support Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships

ISB Global supports the implementation of SAP, Waste & Recycling One with partnerships from vendor ecosystems, system integrators, change management, industry and environmental consultants. Strengthening the value proposition, enhancing specific knowledge in country and sector, creating the insight and proficiency to deliver functional and technical solutions that benefit all stakeholders and the environment, profitably.

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