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Project Management

ISB Global utilises a number of different approaches to project management when implementing Waste & Recycling One according to the type, size and complexity of project objectives. Key project management process includes initiating, planning, execution, control and closing. Aiming to deliver significant and measured value against project goals. ISB Global manage and contribute to smaller localised implementations or part of a global software deployment program, ensuring scope, time, quality and budget can be met and the benefits of new software are realised.

ISB Global Project Management Project Approach

Project Approach

ISB Global employs a range of project methods to deliver software implementation projects that improve business process. Management procedures include initiation, planning and forecasting. Governance, team dynamics, authority, organisation and policies, all contributing to valuable outcomes. Through phases, time, increments, constraints, outputs and monitoring efficiencies, ISB Global provides practical actions to align business strategies to project objectives.

Planned Outcomes

ISB Global Project Management Project Phases

Project Phases

ISB Global utilises a hybrid approach to the software implementation project. Traditional project management is employed to deliver key phases, blueprint, gap analysis, build, test, train, cut over, go live and support. To mitigate risk, dependency and changing requirements, emphasis is put on agile customer interaction, dynamic requirements, working examples, business and development collaboration, ensuring technical excellence and outstanding design.

Collaborative Control

ISB Global Project Management Lean & Iterative Projects

Lean & Iterative Projects

ISB Global applies a number of different project management methodologies to ensure the most efficient way of delivering a set of objectives. Taking into consideration effective ways of working that eradicate waste and focus on value, improvement, quality, flow and process. Scheduling demand and resource for collective and iterative improvements according to tasks. Consistently creating efficiencies and advances on deliverables, with innovation and passion.

Cyclical Advance

ISB Global Project Management Project Benefits & Value

Project Benefits & Value

ISB Global focuses on the benefits, value and results of a project by targeting profitability, cost, administrative, technical and strategic improvements on each business process in the organisation. This value is gauged at the very beginning of a project by ensuring the advantages are understood, quantifiable and deliverable. This approach creates transparency of the aims, justifying investment and improvement while mitigating risk.

Value Engineered

ISB Global Project Management Project Planning

Project Planning

ISB Global uses key planning activities to detail the scope and extent of the software implementation and continual improvement project. The project management, the direction, communications, work and deliverables. The responsibilities, deadlines, commercial refinements, resources, risk and quality assurance methods. All held in central documentation to facilitate smooth and efficient realisation of project objectives and improvements.

Excellence Assured

ISB Global Project Management Project Execution

Project Execution

ISB Global always work to project deliverables. By understanding, planning and documenting the business case from the start of the sales engagement, completing iterations of the requirements in discussion and demonstrations. The implementation is realised according to coherent phases and increments. Providing transparency, mitigation of risk, fulfilment of business case and required payback on investment and value.

Output & Results

ISB Global Project Management Project Documentation

Project Documentation

ISB Global ensures comprehensive documentation is completed to maintain budget, scope and timings for the deliverables of a project. Documents including direction, requirements, products, work, schedules, risk, charter and financial analysis provide guidance, control and an audit of success against prerequisites. A baseline for further training, continual improvement and strategic use of technology for extending profitable operations.

Detailed Direction

ISB Global Project Management Project Control

Project Control

ISB Global ensures that a range of control processes are in place to monitor success and provide correct action when required, managing variance from the plan. Measuring activities, variables like scope, issues, risks and changes to the plan. Scope can easily alter and have an impact on effort and cost so, important ongoing monitoring occurs and is centrally controlled. Avoiding unauthorised activities, keeping to schedule and budget.

Realise Success

ISB Global Project Management Project Complexity

Project Complexity

ISB Global defines and measures the complexity of a project according to the scope, size and investment requirement. As the software implementation is dealing with many intricate changes, improvements, quality and time-oriented processes, complexity is never underestimated, as it can lead to impacts on the performance of the implementation. Output, efficiency and accountability controls keep the project lean and effective.

Progress Delivered

ISB Global Project Management Project Management

Project Management

ISB Global believes that people are the key attribute to a project and with good management, planning, execution and control, the project can be delivered to schedule, investment and value criteria. With strong management and commitment from multiple project teams, components, outcomes, tasks, responsibilities, requirements, investment, support and training, all are maintained on target for efficient delivery of change objectives and worth.

Team Intent

ISB Global Project Management Project Risks

Project Risks

ISB Global uses a risk register template to detail and log any impact or exposures from a range of perspectives in the project likely to hinder progress. Costs, schedule, resource, performance, standards, complexity and change can all have a negative influence on critical processes and need to be managed. Monitoring, identification, analysis, response and control ensures minimal problems and mitigation of risk on budget and completion.

Eradicate Obstacles

ISB Global Project Management Software Projects

Software Projects

ISB Global uses additional tools and methods included in traditional and new project management. Ensuring software projects attain their objectives and deliver quality outcomes. Controlling mechanisms certify end user involvement, communication in project teams, resource estimates and effort. Detail specifications, status, risks, tested technology, complexity, development and stakeholder sponsorship, all key to exceptional project delivery.

Envision Achievement