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SAP Cloud for Customer

December 10, 2014

SAP Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud for Customer
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SAP has launched the next generation of CRM tools, focusing on a range of functional areas to enhance the customer engagement experience. The suite is available to target a range of business activities, from sales, marketing, service, analytics and e-commerce. All of the solutions are available as a subscription service in the cloud, modular, so scalable and flexible according to requirements, cost effective, easy to use, totally integrated (with SAP Business One / Waste & Recycling One) and easy to deploy. 


The best way to drive higher levels of customer engagement? Make it easy for consumers to interact with you and buy your products in whatever way they want. Our industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) software for sales, marketing, customer service, e-commerce, and social media can help you create the ultimate omni-channel customer experience.

  • Establish a single view of the customer across every department – from marketing to inventory
  • Use advanced reporting to anticipate each customer’s needs and personalise interactions in real time
  • Eliminate complexity and keep customers engaged across all social media and mobile devices
  • Use a central CRM dashboard to gain valuable business intelligence and predict future behavior
  • Grow engagement, loyalty, and your bottom line by offering a superior customer experience

SAP Cloud for Customer – Sales

Give your sales force deeper insight into who your customers are, what makes them tick, and how to win them over – with sales CRM and customer engagement solutions from SAP. From mobile apps to social selling tools and sales force automation (SFA), your team will have everything they need to make each interaction count – no matter where they are.

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SAP Cloud for Customer – Marketing

Deliver seamless, personalized customer engagements at every stage of the customer journey – across every channel – with CRM marketing software from SAP. Gain unprecedented customer insight from Big Data analytics – and leverage that intelligence to increase lead generation and brand loyalty through email marketing, content marketing, social marketing, and more. Read More

SAP Cloud for Customer – Service

Give your customer service help desk and call center reps instant access to real-time customer profiles – including social media activity – with our industry-leading CRM software. Collaborate with your team to solve customer support issues faster, deliver consistent customer care across all interaction channels, and analyze Big Data to increase customer engagement and identify new revenue opportunities. Read More Take a look at SAP Cloud for Customer Marketing and Service functions on YouTube