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April 2023 Newsletter

A debrief highlighting the most important, impactful and interesting topics affecting the sector.

Market Intelligence Report

An update on our SAP Vendor Relationship Management Programme & subsequent newsworthy items.

ISB Global announce closer partnership alliance with SAP, Utilities, Sustainability and industry teams to drive environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG), waste, recycling & circular economy digital transformation throughout global supply chains.

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News we thought was of interest

ISB Global & CIWM ‘Software Technology Review & Alignment Research’

In Spring 2022 the CIWM and ISB Global launched a research project to better help understand perception and use of software in the UK waste industry. The project started with an extensive questionnaire, then in November 2022 the teams presented the information to a focus group to gather greater insight. The initial analysis was then collated and further presented in a webinar to a different sample audience to check on answers, help alleviate bias and to ensure impartiality.

Phase 3 is now underway and will see the information collated from phases 1 (questionnaire and focus group) and 2 (webinar) to produce a report detailing the results of the research. We have posted some of the research findings and an insight into the productivity of the UK sector.

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Weather’s Impact on Food Waste

SAP are now using weather as a demand driver to understand consumer behaviour in more detail. This can be applied to the purchasing of food and so if analysed along with production and supply can mitigate food waste by up to an estimated 35%.

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UK Lags Behind EU on ESG Disclosures

The EU has brought forward Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), finalised it’s green finance taxonomy and outlined a greenwashing initiative. An All Party Parliamentary Group has stated that if the UK doesn’t leverage the skill base it has in the City of London it will lag behind. A starting point is with standard and comparable reporting data.

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EPA Release News Draft Plastics Strategy

The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has released a draft strategy paper for public comment on reducing the impact of plastic pollution on the environment. Designed to reduce pollution during production; improve post use materials management and prevent leakage into the biosphere.

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Controversial Changes & Delays to Scottish Drinks DRS

A number of changes have been made to the DRS that now has a delayed launch of 1st March 2024. The changes and delays make it easier for producers and retailers to prepare for the scheme while still delivering on the great beneficial environmental impacts the scheme will deliver.

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EU Revision of the Waste Framework Directive (WFD)

A white paper has been published by Minderoo, TOMRA and Zero Waste Europe, developed by Eunomia Consulting that sets out a new WFD to better align to delivering a sustainable future using materials and products more effectively by 2040.

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Bipartisan Bills for US Recycling Infrastructure are Back

The Recycling Infrastructure and Accessibility Bill and The Recycling and Composting Accountability Bill are designed to make recycling more accessible, help create related jobs and increase the US recycling rate. They did not get to the House last year despite wide ranging support. Now they are back.

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