Waste Management Software

Nearly all business in recycling and waste management have similar challenges. It is difficult to remain profitable, grow and comply with dynamic sector legislation using outdated and separate software solutions, spreadsheets, manual and paper-based systems.

ISB Global has developed Waste & Recycling One, an affordable, comprehensive, flexible and completely integrated waste management software solution to replace separate software applications and manual systems. Waste & Recycling One is built on the core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) layer of SAP Business One. And provides totally integrated accounting, financials, purchase and sales order processing, customer and supplier relationship management (C/SRM), customer service, item master data, materials management, inventory, warehouse, distribution and manufacturing.

Waste & Recycling One manages the end-to-end waste logistics and recycling materials process’, giving extensive functionality in contract management, forecasting, planning, scheduling, order management, subcontractor, import and export management, transport and haulage administration, direct weighbridge integration, depot and plant management, disposal and reprocessing management, automated reporting and compliance for multiple material types and the production of clean energy products.

Extending the functionality of Waste & Recycling One into the field is ISB Global’s Mobility application, SmartWorld. A flexible web-based solution that gives complete mobility, agility and sustainable innovation to several functional areas, including Supply Chain & Logistics, Customer Service & Relationship Management, Task Management & Workflow, Document Management, Business Intelligence & Reporting.

How Waste & Recycling One Supports the Recycling & Waste Management Industry

ISB Global has implemented waste management software solutions across multiple sectors, helping customers run their company efficiently, improve business processes and grow profitably.


Waste & Recycling One suits a number of applications in the Recycling and Waste Management sector

The Non-Hazardous sector produces the largest amount of recyclable materials. Non-hazardous waste must be separated before it can be reprocessed. ISB Global has a large amount of customers in this sector, specialising in Plastics, Metals, Paper, Aggregates and General Domestic Waste. Waste & Recycling One is highly effective at administering the collection of raw materials, managing inventory, reprocessing and sale or trading of the finished product (Local or Export). Waste & Recycling One customers benefit from complete traceability of raw material to finish product through the entire value chain. And close control of both costs and profitability at line (load) level .
Recycling of WEEE is a rapidly growing  sub-sector due largely to the implementation of the WEEE Directive in the UK. ISB Global has multiple customers who use Waste & Recycling One to manage valuable raw materials created from reprocessing WEEE. And manage the complex and dynamic reporting requirements that have become synonymous with the WEEE Directive.
Hazardous Waste is a specialist discipline and requires close attention to traceability, treatment and disposal of a range of dangerous materials. Waste & Recycling One’s comprehensive order management, barcoding, labelling and scanning process ensures traceability and compliance with complete and easy auditability. The integrated Trans Frontier Shipment (TFS) module also easily controls export of Hazardous (and Non-Hazardous) materials.
ISB Global has a range of customer operating different recycling facilities. Waste & Recycling One can integrate easily with SCADA and Metering Equipment to manage optimum equipment performance and reprocessing activities. Contracts, order management, inventory management and sales order processing allow our customers to accurately track profitability to each activity in production across multiple plants.
ISB Global has a range of customers who specialise in Organic Waste, including Composting, Food and Vegetation. Waste & Recycling One effectively controls order management activities, as well as integrated weighbridge to inventory management for reprocessing into finished goods such as bagged compost.
Waste & Recycling One manages a number Waste Brokers. ISB Global’s set of software solutions is highly effective at managing high volumes of low value, low margin transactions. Waste & Recycling One has a powerful engine that automatically generates thousands of scheduled jobs, which can then be distributed to subcontractors for execution.

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