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Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Product Overview

January 14, 2021

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems Product Overview

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Product Overview


ISB Global is an SAP, OutSystems and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner. Established in 1998, becoming an SAP partner in 2005 and developing the Waste & Recycling One software solution within the framework of SAP Business One, SAP’s small to medium sized Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) software application.

ISB Global became an SAP Global Application Development Partner in 2011 and has implemented Waste & Recycling One with SAP Business One globally. The software solution was enhanced by a mobile, web, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and innovations platform branded SmartWorld built on the OutSystems low code application development platform. A suite of preconfigured, integrated software applications suited to small and medium sized companies. Comprising of several applications that included route management and optimisation, driver mobile application, customer and supplier portals, onboard weighing and a smart bins application.


ISB Global Logo Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems Product Overview

ISB Global

ISB Global is supporting waste, recycling and materials management organisations with the most advanced software solution suite in the world. Due to the progress in software technologies, ISB Global planned a strategic advance to refactor over 15 years of experience in the development of Waste & Recycling One and SmartWorld onto the OutSystems low code, multi experience development platform.

With certified integration to SAP, S/4 HANA, and SAP Business One, ISB Global can now serve organisations more flexibly with an enterprise class waste and recycling software solution with a modular suite of applications for small, large and multinational business. Uniquely, the Waste & Recycling One suite of applications can be implemented with the OutSystems aPaaS option for the client’s business to control and further their enterprise digital transformation.


To service the requirements of a dynamic global market more effectively, ISB Global planned to refactor the Waste & Recycling One solution from the framework of SAP Business One and the mobile and web apps built in OutSystems. The Waste & Recycling One application has been modernised by being refactored onto the OutSystems platform in its entirety. Integrating to SAP, other ERP applications and legacy systems, as OutSystems has been designed. This also enables other applications within a system landscape to be refactored and hosted as part of the aPaaS proposition or for smaller organisations, hosted by ISB Global.

Refactoring is the process of reorganising code without necessarily changing the outcome of the business process or behaviours of the code. Intended to improve performance, design, functionality and implementation. Reducing complexity, increasing ease of readability and maintenance. This improvement also allows for the application to be extended further, incorporating new technologies, process, user interfaces, integration and device connectivity.

Part of the enhanced unique selling proposition of Waste & Recycling One on the low code, multi-experience development platform, is to allow client businesses to do exactly the same – refactor – digitising, extending and integrating core and new apps using data within the Waste & Recycling One and ERP software. In turn utilising advanced software technologies to support innovation and modernisation to make the transition to circular economy models using digital transformation quicker and easier.

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems Logo

Waste & Recycling One

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems has now been refactored in its entirety onto the OutSystems low code multi experience development platform. It comprises of a number of modular functional objects included below. Waste & Recycling One has been designed to integrate with SAP, S/4 HANA, ERP or legacy applications offering digital transformation, refactoring, modernisation and the development of new, connected applications.

Waste & Recycling One is designed to offer waste logistics and recycling materials operations companies an enterprise grade solution to serve the needs of the dynamic market. Offering unrivalled architecture, functionality, development platform and extensibility.

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems Partner


OutSystems is a low code, multi experience development platform. It has been designed with the challenges of digital transformation at the forefront of its problem-solving capabilities. OutSystems allows business users to develop mission critical enterprise grade modernisation, also facilitating the development of small departmental mobile applications. OutSystems allows for the acceleration of development and integration within existing software landscapes. Resulting in continuous rapid and agile development, delivery and management of the digitisation of the organisation.

Delivering great user experience, on any device, with an easy-to-use interface, results in the integrated interaction with the enterprise. Ensuring this functionality is maintained, relevant, modern and updated are the continual goals of digital transformation. Faster delivery cycles and rapid change is the only way that customer and business requirements are met. By following Gartner’s bi-modal architecture, ISB Global delivers this environment: mode 1 – static, applications with robust processes; mode 2 – agile and iterative development models, underpinned by change and continual improvement, tools and concepts.

OutSystems allows for rapid productivity, speed of development with drag and drop visual coding with the flexibility of adding custom code. Utilising visual modelling for multi-channel development and deployment, on any device or operating system. Offering an open platform to integrate (and modernise) with legacy and ERP. Adding custom made application life cycle management to support and monitor applications on the platform. And delivering standard architecture to provide a no-lock-in environment. Check the latest analyst’s reports on OutSystems here.

SAP Partner ISB Global Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems


ISB Global utilise standard integration to SAP for Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems to support the bi-modal methodology. OutSystems integration with SAP is certified, standard and includes many tools within the OutSystems platform to enhance, speed and administer multiple integration tasks.

SAP is the largest business management software company in the world with multiple applications, line of business and industry specialist solutions. ISB Global continues to be an SAP partner for the small and medium-sized ERP, SAP Business One. Implementing globally with Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems. For larger implementations, ISB Global partners with SAP and system integrators to manage the implementation of SAP, S/4 HANA and subsequent components required in the project.

Amazon Web Services Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems

Amazon Web Services

ISB Global’s favoured cloud hosting (IaaS) option for Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems is Amazon Web Services (AWS). As an AWS partner, there are multiple benefits to the platform that include virtual computing, integrated storage, investment by use, global availability and additionally, a highly advanced technology portfolio. Access to the IaaS cloud platform ensures timely and accurate support for the Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems application suite in any time zone.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Pricing MPR

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Pricing [MPR]

A comprehensive suite of master data components that can be applied to limitless customer and supplier work order scenarios and material movement services. Enabling automated work order planning, integration with subsequent charge and cost related downstream object control to purchasing, sales, payable, receivable processes and accounting transactions.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Weighing SCA

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Weighing [SCA]

Direct integration with multiple weighing devices (IoT) for confirmation of planned work order and service level attributes. Aiding management of downstream quality, sampling and inventory management for production processes. Capturing variance in weight, performance metrics and routing tolerance breaches in formal service management and auditability processes.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Haulage HAU

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Hauling [HAU]

Management of work orders to demand planning and scheduling with master data logic controls. Integration with resource administration objects governs order types and execution constraints. Plan route master journeys and assign assets and resources. Monitor activities through a range of integrated technologies (mobile, IoT) and process confirmations with planning, execution completion and variance capture functions.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Work Order MWO

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Work Order [MWO]

Extensive planning and instructions object that is automated to control material logistics operations. Including multiple master data attributes, cost and profitability control. Managing downstream planning and execution automation, service levels and key performance analysis. Integration with customer service toolsets facilitate quick, easy and auditable interactions.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Interactions CSI

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Interactions [CSI]

Integrated communications object linking process, instructions, tasks and activities. Formal interaction environments control instructions and correspondence for key performance metrics and auditability. Linking multiple processes and providing enhanced stakeholder interactions to increase automation. Enabling workflow and supporting customer and supplier relationship management.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Material Master MMA

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Material Master [MMA]

Master data control object managing material and product characteristics, composition and governance of downstream transport processes. Assigned to business partners for production to secondary market value auditability. Sampling, quality and constituent profiles, batch and serial traceablity with downstream process logic controls for inventory, recycling and disposal.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Order Type MOT

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Order Type [MOT]

Master data object details further logic control for work order instructions. Types control instructions, sequences and key performance metrics based on multiple categories. Detailing inbound and outbound logistics planning, with the governance of planned downstream transactions.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Route Master MRO

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Route Master [MRO]

Master data baseline with logic controls to add work order instructions. Integrated, tiered additional objects control assigned assets and resources on route. A range of key performance indicators report on order and route metrics with numerous subcontractor controls.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Billing Manager CBM

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Billing Manager [CBM]

Administrative process management toolset to provide routing and key performance control from operational orders to downstream payable and receivable processes. Additional controls allow for priority sequencing and enhancement of operational orders for charging and payments.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Standalone Scale SSH

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Standalone Scale [SSH]

Multiple function toolset provides remote, offline and online capabilities, allowing for staged implementation with mapping and data transfer logic controls. Configuration provides functionality for a range of weighing devices and scenarios.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Driver Manager MDR

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Driver Management [MDR]

Master data toolset governs resource functions for planning and variance control for operational order execution. Resource attributes and authorisations for automated logic controls. Configurable performance metrics, auditability and profitability analysis.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Vehicle Master MVE

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Vehicle Master [MVE]

Master data control object for transport unit and asset management. Governing a range of logic controls for planning and execution of order, asset, resource and route. Integrated links to subsequent operational control objects manage asset key performance metrics.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Business Partner MBP

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Business Partner [MBP]

Master data control objects and user environment to administer and interact with stakeholders. Comprehensive business partner information governs integrated objects and downstream operations and accounting transactions. The central business partner toolset facilitates a complete administrative interface with operational and financial view of stakeholder transactions.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Customer Portal PCU

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Customer Portal [PCU]

A configurable web environment that facilitates customer interaction, self-service, order tracking, customer service and analytics. An extension of the application platform specifically designed for customer use and interaction with client stakeholder processes.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Bid Management VRM

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Bid Management [VRM]

Supplier administrative process management toolset to distribute proposal requests, collate key supplier information, manage response and counter bids for value maximisation. Integrated operational toolset to implement new supplier agreements.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Contract CON

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Contract [CON]

Aggregated master data control object to administer key customer and supplier service levels and material flow metrics. Managing target resource and commercial metrics, enabled to embed advanced and emerging technologies.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Customer Services CSM

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Customer Services [CSM]

A customer services environment specifically designed to track and audit customer interactions within business operations. Related interactions objects allow for multiple workflow scenarios to be queued, monitored, managed and rectified within any transactional processes. Key performance metrics can be administered on numerous operational and accounting procedures. Enhancements to deliver advantages and experience can be implemented easily via the low code application suite.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Vendor Portal VRP

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Vendor Portal [VRP]

A configurable web environment to manage supplier interactions, including operational transactions, order management attributes, payments and analytics. An extension of the application platform for specific mobile and web use to administer supplier engagements, vendor stakeholder interactions and processes.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Customer Management CRM

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Customer Management [CRM]

A suite of interrelated process objects to aid in the onboarding of customers from campaign, enquiry, quote to live order management and contractual service level agreements. Utilising multiple master data objects and logic to manage the industry specific requirements of engaging and securing customer (and supplier) materials and services transactional processes.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Multi Experience Development Platform MXDP

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Multi-Experience Development Platform [MXDP]

Waste & Recycling One has been refactored on the OutSystems low code multi experience development platform. This allows continual improvement of waste and recycling processes to manage the dynamic industry advances in logistics, supply loops, material and resource production and flows in the transition to the circular economy. The platform supports global industry, software vendor and data standards, offering product and operational continuity throughout the world. Aiding organisations with a platform for business management software, technology change, advance and a suite of tools to maintain enterprise grade digital transformation.

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