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Waste & Recycling One Business Intelligence Tools

September 25, 2014

How Do You Control the Entire End to End Process From One Screen? 

SAP Waste & Recycling One Business Intelligence
SAP Waste & Recycling One Business Intelligence

SAP, Waste & Recycling One, User Cockpit & Dashboards

Monitor data as it moves through the end to end process from quote, job order, operations, logistics, customer service, accounting and banking

Ensure you are alerted automatically to anomalies in the process by rules to the master data throughout the entire end to end process, saving time, while delivering critical operations and financial data straight to your laptop or mobile device

Reporting & Business Intelligence for Any Data, Anytime & Anywhere

As SAP, Waste & Recycling One is one software solution, data throughout the end to end process can be displayed or queried on and presented in dashboards on workstations or mobile devices

This means that whatever the users role, they can be alerted to action through various settings on data while they go about day to day operations

For example, a Purchase Requisition enters their messages and alerts ready to authorise, they can action it immediately authorise or decline, send a message and log the auditable action in the software

Similarly, a weighbridge transaction is incorrect that sends the profitability gauge to red, immediate investigations can be made to uncover the problem and rectify the situation rather than wait until finance highlight the issue several days later when it is too late

Graphs, Gauges & Dials for Business Critical Data

SAP, Waste & Recycling One User Area or “Cockpit” allows the worker to monitor all their areas of responsibility, accounts, operations, logistics and customer service

Messages, alerts and tasks filter through ready to take actions on, while graphs, gauges and dials show key performance indicators and critical business information in real time

Configure the User “Cockpit” to include:

  • Gauges to show when profitability within a certain time frame goes into the red
  • Graphs to show material flows and levels of profitability
  • Charts to show daily cash flow against operations

SAP, Waste & Recycling One, Reporting & Business Intelligence Downloads