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Waste Facilities Focus on Experience

May 6, 2020

Waste Facilities Focus on Customer Experience

ISB Global Waste Facilities Focus on Customer Experience

Success Story – A National Waste Service Focused on Customer Experience

“We opted for ISB Global’s SAP, Waste & Recycling One many years ago as ISB Global had specific industry sector knowledge, proficient software and strong vendor support, with great financial and operational returns on our investment. This was coupled with the ability to add further technical functionality very easily with their web portal architecture. We’ve just updated the web app, which adds outstanding integrated portal technology to eliminate redundant data admin work and deliver total focus on customer by rapidly building functionality that suits users and complete customer experience focus. This is how software technology should improve business!”

x2 Twice the speed in invoicing cycles; 80% Increase in accuracy; x3 Levels of positive customer feedback

SmartWorld Web Portal: Continual Improvement of Customer Service

ISB Global has advanced SAP, Waste & Recycling One by adding the preintegrated web portal technology built on the OutSystems (aPaaS) low code innovation platform, branded SmartWorld. The web portal technology allows for integrated data control, uniquely designed forms, process, work flow and additional data capture from connected devices and customer interaction. The web portal processes offer a focused, exclusive environment in which to provide an enhanced customer experience and a uniquely tailored interactive procedure, analysis and information.

Before Waste Facilities Focus on Experience: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Integrated SAP, Waste & Recycling One ready for bi-modal, low code customisation to enhance customer service processes and web-based customer experience
  • Planned tactical updates to focus and diversify workflow to increase user and customer interactivity
  • Greater opportunity to communicate and interact with customer and keep informed with automated analytics processes

Why SAP & ISB Global, SAP, Waste & Recycling One

  • An established, adaptable software solution with a mobile and web innovations suite, integrated with finance and accounting
  • A robust data management platform controlling standard processes, web-based order management, customer service contact and communication cycles
  • Proven vendors, partners and industry specific, integrated software to support complex subcontractor management and customer service workflows

After Waste Facilities Focus on Experience: Value-Driven Results

  • Quick and easy service call searching, viewing and creation allows for exponential uplift in customer service routines
  • Creating, viewing and updating a range of configurable activities associated with the service call, driving better KPIs
  • Integrated business management software controls and automates process so no redundant data administration, staff team can focus on controlled, specifically designed customer service processes to deliver growth for the business
  • Simple right click duplication of Work Order Rows allows for quick items, prices and quantities
  • Automated Work Order Header and Row with editable customer and supplier pricing standards ensure total accuracy
  • Web subcontractor upload facility and automated order matching speeds order, ticket and invoice match exponentially
  • Integrated data from customer service and order functions is instantly ready for invoicing, decreasing time taken on accounting cycles by 50% and increasing accuracy by 80%. Orders without matching supplier components >90%