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Visionscape SAP Waste & Recycling One

May 20, 2017

Visionscape sign with ISB Global to Implement SAP, Waste & Recycling One

Visionscape ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One
Visionscape ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One

ISB Global is excited to announce the conclusion of the contract and project kick off with Visionscape Environment Utility Group, for the implementation of Waste & Recycling One for SAP Business One and SmartWorld.

Visionscape, ISB Global, SAP Waste & Recycling One & WMS – Forging Global Partnerships

ISB Global a SAP Business One software partner, specialising in waste logistics, recycling materials, new energy, supply loops and circular principles, announced the signing of contracts with Visionscape Group and the successful project kick off on 8th May 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria. ISB Global is also working closely with WMS, a multi-national SAP Partner and ISB Global’s exclusive partner for the GCC region.

Visionscape, ISB Global, SAP Waste & Recycling One & WMS – Supporting Sustainable & Renewable Energy Resources

Visionscape is a leading environmental utility group providing turnkey solutions in the areas of sanitation, energy and waste water treatment. Visionscape’s focus is an integrated waste management system that maximises the unique opportunity of generating sustainable and renewable energy resources, making a positive impact that is beneficial to customers, the communities served and the environment.

Visionscape, ISB Global, SAP Waste & Recycling One & WMS – Supporting ‘Cradle to Cradle’ Materials Management

ISB Global’s unique proposition is an integrated business management software for waste and recycling companies. Delivering huge benefits throughout the entire ‘cradle to cradle’ materials management and associated business processes. Providing both operational and commercial functionality, spanning mobile and web innovations, logistics and materials operations, underpinned by SAP Business One (ERP) architecture, SmartWorld web and mobile technology, and deployed in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

ISB Global Cloud Software Platforms
ISB Global Cloud Software Platforms

Visionscape, ISB Global, SAP Waste & Recycling One & WMS – Delivering Integrated Cloud Software Platforms to Support the Environment

Visionscape chose ISB Global to deliver the integrated cloud software platforms that would aid in the transformation of the business, meeting the requirements of the group in becoming the leading environmental utility group across emerging markets, delivering unprecedented support for operations in transport, commercial and domestic services, hazardous and organic materials, marine industry and a growing number of materials recovery facilities.

ISB Global’s integrated cloud software platforms, meet the global requirement for both public municipalities and private companies operating in waste and recycling sectors, by realising a tangible vision for the “uberisation” of waste management, by providing real time collaboration and end to end visibility, driving innovation through technology, such as IoT (Internet of Things) to connect drivers, trucks and bins.  This drives efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, usability, governance, control and ultimately delivers increased profitability. There is a single data source, thus providing one version of the truth.  In addition, processes are automated so that Visionscape can scale and provide a clear edge above any of its competition.

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