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SmartWorld Web Portals

October 1, 2019

ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One SmartWorld Web Portal & Mobile Apps

Web Portal Definition

SmartWorld Web Portals – What is a web portal? In the late 90’s the web portal was the buzzword, it was the start of a user’s web browsing if set as a home page, back in the days of Netscape later becoming America Online (AOL). Enough of the nostalgia. Today a web portal is defined as a website that combines a range of data and information in a uniform manner, based on the intended user and purpose.

ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One SmartWorld Web Portals

The SmartWorld Web Portal

SmartWorld is the branding for ISB Global’s suite of mobile and web apps built on the OutSystems platform. ISB Global has built a range of web portals to suit the application of several processes. These can be taken and used as preconfigured web portals suiting Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service, Payments and e-Commerce. Or as designed, developed rapidly to include additional workflow, logic, data capture, function, process, direct connectivity and integration with software and equipment or you can build you own.

ISB Global has also utilised Bi-Modal methodologies and extended the functionality of operations in SAP Waste & Recycling One to a variety of different waste and recycling processes in a range of SmartWorld Web Portals. Ranging from Pre-Acceptance of Hazardous Materials, Brokering of Waste Services, Supplier Upload Portal, The AI Ready Weighbridge, IoT Equipment Connectivity (Material Batch Assignment), RoutiLogix, DriviLogix and a variety of Reporting, Analytics and Information environments.

ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One SmartWorld Web Portals

SmartWorld Mobile & Web Apps

SmartWorld is the branded suite of apps from ISB Global built on the OutSystems platform. The apps are both mobile and web apps and tailored functionally to fit on certain devices according to the purpose, the user, the workflow and the data needs to be captured, this can include integration with equipment and machinery to enhance process. The apps have been intended to take off the shelf or can be designed specifically to meet process requirements and application. Mobile and web apps can be developed quickly and effectively using the low code environments, halving the time of development in traditional coding languages and environments.

ISB Global Global Partnerships Outsystems Partner


ISB Global is an OutSystems partner and has utilised the platform to build and support mobile and web applications, integrating to ERP and creating efficient IoT platforms in multiple private industry verticals and the public sector. OutSystems is a multi-award-winning low code mobile, web, connectivity and interactivity platform that allows for the design of mobile applications, web portals and great customer experience. Mobile workforce applications, workflows, process logic and operational dashboards. Integrate, rebuild process and business critical applications. Utilise an enterprise grade, rapid application development toolset, integrate to everything and realise true digital transformation.

Bi-Modal Methodology & Architecture

Bi Modal is a phrase coined by the analyst Gartner, it’s a methodology that means having two modes of software, both designed to deliver information and technology in distinct ways.

Mode 1 is traditional, giving priority to robust process, scalability, efficiency, accuracy and compliant process. A sequence, order, chain and pattern. Accounting processes and order management are good examples.

Mode 2 is contrasting, diverse, separate and distinct. It can be an extension to a Mode 1 process delivering enhanced functionality, usability and flexibility. Suited to mobile or web-based environment. Focusing on speed, agility, communication, information and confirmation.

They are always integrated and master data from Mode 1 controls Mode 2.

Good examples are customer service messaging, payment portal, reporting portal, materials pre-acceptance process, supplier upload portal and weighbridge / scales confirmation screen. However, ISB Global has built some advance applications, the Logix Suite, a driver app, route planning, scheduling and optimisation web application and bin fill and forecast sensor optimisation, all integrated and work in conjunction with other applications in the suite.

ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One Project Management

The CRM App

The CRM app is another good example of the bi-modal methodology and aggregates a range functions from several areas of SAP Waste & Recycling One. Quoting, activities, pricing, pipeline management, sales and accounts activities dashboards. Presenting them in an easy to use, straight forward workflow specifically designed for sales, account management and customer service staff working in the waste and recycling sector.

ISB Global Reporting Analytics Intelligence Automated Information Business Analytics

The Customer Services Portal

One of the SmartWorld Web Portals is the Customer Services Portal that aggregates functions of SAP, Waste & Recycling One customer service and aligns typical service activities with order management and analytics to provide a web portal where customers can search the jobs they have scheduled, generate enquiries, follow up enquiries, check accounts and generate a variety of material recycling reports.

The Supplier Portal

The Supplier Portal aggregates functions of SAP, Waste & Recycling One supplier management allowing suppliers to track the orders they have scheduled generate enquiries, check on accounts and generate a range of material and accounting reports. They can also upload supplier data on weights, materials and orders to be matched with planned activities to be finalised rather than complete manual transactions.