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Smart Bins

August 22, 2016

Babel Bins – Smart Bins

Smart Bins - Automated Collections 'Uberise' Your Waste Collection Rounds
Smart Bins – Automated Collections – ‘Uberise’ Your Waste Collection Rounds


Smart Bins – The Challenge

Most waste companies still operate using a traditional collection process, whereby bins are lifted on fixed days and static routes. This is highly inefficient, as trucks drive a considerable distance to collect bins that aren’t full, while ignoring others that are overfilled.

As a result, logistics costs are too high, customer service is poor and carbon emissions are through the roof.

Root cause is the lack of visibility on bin ‘demand’. Wouldn’t it be great if bins could do the talking? This is now possible by combining the right bin hardware with advanced and robust sensors, telecommunications and smart software solutions.

Smart Bins – The Solution

We developed this advanced app to read bin fill levels on a set interval, process the data and forecast the future fill rates. This enables us to determine when the bin will reach the maximum fill level and to define the optimal collection time. This produces order proposals including a can-go and must-go functionality, which provide maximum flexibility for the routing engine to generate routes that meet agreed customer service levels, minimise logistics cost and maximise truck load capacity utilisation.

Our app runs automatically in the background, and gives waste companies the visibility they need to achieve dramatic cost savings.

About our Smart Bins Technology

We build our web and mobile apps on the OutSystems Platform, the award winning Rapid Application Delivery platform which is Low-Code, agile, robust and secure.

The bin hardware, sensors and data collection service are provided by our partners British Bins and SwissLogix, and the rate of innovation is impressive, including the use of BlueTooth beacons to automatically track each bin’s location, LORA data transmission for high density areas and RFID for automatic bin identification at the time of collection.

Why Smart Bins is a Big Opportunity

The BabelBins app from ISB Smart Solutions is a real game changer, because it is fully automated and forecasts the bin levels with great accuracy, thanks to their advanced algorithms.

It provides full visibility of demand and collection requirements including volume and weight, it’s the first big step towards a full Uberisation of the Waste Industry.

Advantages of Smart Bins at a Glance

  • Logistics optimisation and significant trucking cost reduction
  • Improved customer service by lifting bins that need a collection
  • Reduction in carbon footprint thanks to reduced mileage
  • Uberisation of the Waste Industry using real time data and accurate forecasting

Take a look at ISB Smart Solutions website

Download this article on Smart Bins

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