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Waste & Recycling One

ISB Global has developed Waste & Recycling One, a waste logistics and recycling materials software platform. The software has been designed to be integrated with legacy, SAP, S/4 HANA and multiple ERP, accounting and financial applications. WR1 has been engineered in the low code application OutSystems, a mobile, web, multi-experience innovations platform. Managing private companies and public authorities waste transport and recycling processes. From enquiry, contract, planning and execution to materials accepted, receipted and confirmed into a quality process. Onto recycling, refurbishing, reprocessing and inventory management for sale of finished goods to secondary markets.

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Control & Accuracy

Control & Accuracy

ISB Global has extended master data in Waste & Recycling One to control transactions in waste logistics and recycling materials, ensuring command and oversight of the entire process. Delivering speed, efficiency and automation to ensure low value data administration is eliminated. Accuracy and profitability increase and process cycles shorten, resulting superior customer service, revenue performance and cost management.

Outperform in Operations

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Satisfied Customers

Profitable Satisfied Customers

ISB Global has completed extensive work to the customer and supplier service relationship management processes in Waste & Recycling One. From the beginning of engagement, initial contact, pricing, quotes, materials, service level agreements and contract specifics are controlled meticulously with the use of master data. Ensuring when orders are ready for execution all data is correct, with follow up service easily maintained and tracked.

Deliver Promises

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Feedstock Security Contract & Forecasting

Feedstock Security

ISB Global has developed tools and controls to manage the planning, instruction, contract, acceptance, quality and compliance of raw materials into recycling operations. Confirming the resource feedstock, weight validations and service level agreements. Controlled and maintained automatically on weighbridge transactions for accuracy, efficiency and inventory checks, measuring input waste materials and output of recycled materials.

Outright Commodity Control

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Quality & Compliance Pre-Acceptance Process

Quality & Compliance Control

ISB Global has developed functions in Waste & Recycling One to manage the characteristics, components and quality of batches of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Pre-acceptance and laboratory sampling into production is managed by a variety of configurable process tasks and activities. Ensuring quality, planned input, expected output and profitable sale of finished goods within the supply loop, tracking products and materials in circulation.

Automate Auditability

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Automated Tasks Order Management

Automated & Precise Tasks

ISB Global has developed extensive order management functions generated from master data as a set of activities. Instructing teams and subcontractors job, tasks and materials to be collected. Order management cycles can be created automatically as part of the contract and service level agreement order frequency. Providing thorough and accurate planning information to control execution and variance in tasks, materials and quality.

Planning Accuracy

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Sequence Efficiency Collection & Scheduling

Job Sequence Efficiency

ISB Global has built Waste & Recycling One for efficient transport planning and scheduling of orders, routes and collections. Automatically generated, scheduled work orders can be assigned vehicles, work force, materials capacity and designated into sequence for completion. Further refinement can be optimised then tracked by integration to multiple onboard devices. Completing jobs and utilising assets to ensure timely and profitable execution.

Optimise Everything

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Planning Perfection Route & Logistics

Planning Perfection

ISB Global has developed the waste logistics operations planning stage in Waste & Recycling One to be simple, automated and accurate. Work orders are compiled into route and sequence then can be both strategically and tactically optimised according to configurable rules and parameters. Resulting in enhanced planned route and real time updates on service level targets, capacity, consumption, order confirmations and profitability.

Complete Order Clarity

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Equipment Uptime Asset Maintenance

Asset Utilisation

ISB Global has designed Waste & Recycling One to manage equipment sustainably and integrated to asset maintenance functionality. Planned work order scheduling conducts preventative and corrective maintenance, assign parts from inventory, under warranty or to be purchased. Ensure subcontractors complete tasks within schedules so maximum up time can be achieved with no disruption to operations.

Ultimate Uptime

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Materials Quality Control Weighbridge Integration

Weight Confirmation

ISB Global has designed Waste & Recycling One to integrate directly to weighbridges and scales. Automated planning of orders with expected materials, weights and quality are confirmed when arriving at recycling centres. Third party data can be uploaded and checked automatically, and bridges can be remotely integrated. IoT and AI technology can be utilised to automate and speed recognition, load confirmation and processes further.

Regulate & Measure >>>
ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Materials Compliance Depot Management

Materials Compliance

ISB Global has developed multiple processes in Waste & Recycling One for the compliance of materials within contract and service level agreements. Ordering, laboratory sampling, characteristics and composition, percentage yields, quality assurance checks, goods, issues, receipts, production processes and inventory protocols. Ensuring consistent, high-grade outputs, compliance in supply loops and strong secondary markets.

Deliver the Goods

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Materials Yields Inventory Management

Materials Yields

ISB Global has extended Waste & Recycling One to cope with sophisticated hazardous and non-hazardous raw materials into intricate reprocessing, refurbishing and disposal processes. Quality assurance, inventory, warehouse and bin location, parent, child, characteristics, composition, batches, serial numbers and yields all maintain the quality of input, correct pricing, profitability, production, traceability and grade of output.

Track & Trace

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Production Efficiency Manufacturing Control

Production Efficiency

ISB Global has developed additional tools in Waste & Recycling One to manage both simple recycling and comprehensive reprocessing production tasks. Contracts, forecasting, pre-acceptance, laboratory sampling, production orders, IoT and floor controls, materials characteristics and composition. Assuring operations on the quality, value add and outputs are compliant and produce excellent materials calibre for reuse.

Master Manufacturing

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Profitable Materials Sales Outbound Order Management

Profitable Materials Sales

ISB Global has developed Waste & Recycling One to manage the collection, transfer and recycling of materials and finished goods sales to be profitable and transparent. Master data control of pricing, activities, subcontractors, production, inventory and sales ensures that the acquisition, handling and value-added activities in the recycling process are both efficient and simple to maintain, protecting profitability and cost control of all activities.

Streamline Sustainability

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Export & Import Automation Transfrontier Shipments

Export & Import Automation

ISB Global has extended the work order functionality in Waste & Recycling One to manage the extensive transboundary movements and transfrontier shipment processes. The work order instruction captures data that records and instructs the movement of materials according to border controls, generating reports automatically, detailing costs and charges, ensuring and auditable, profitable cross border, export and import process.

Limitless Boundaries

Automated Alerts Confirmation Purchase & Sales Order Generation

Automated Alerts

ISB Global has enhanced order confirmation stages to generate accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions. This can be fully or semi-automated process depending on the configuration. Tolerance parameters are also set throughout so that responsible users are notified of breaches, channelling action and customer service intervention accordingly, safeguarding against loss or problem with service level.

Trusted Transactions

ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Automated Accounting Transactions

Automated Accounting

ISB Global has developed Waste & Recycling One integration to ERP so that operational orders can be confirmed and transferred to payable and receivable processes, achieved by universal master data control. Through extensive planning, execution and variance capture, order data is correct when reaching accounting, facilitating optimum accounting cycles and real time intelligence on costs, profit, budgets, assets and company position.

Financial Control