Waste Recycling One

ISB Global has developed a pre-configured software solution for businesses in the waste, recycling, energy and environmental sectors. Waste Recycling One, for SAP Business One is a unique software solution that is built within the framework of SAP Business One and further utilises SAP’s Applications, Analytics, Mobility, Cloud, Database & Technology to enable organisations to optimise waste logistics and control the recycling of materials. Waste Recycling One features a full reporting and Business Intelligence suite from SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports. This complimentary addition delivers enterprise-class functionality, enabling automation of reporting, KPI setting and monitoring, dashboards and visualisations, collaboration and publication tools. There is also a scalable Business Intelligence platform available, providing enhanced analytics, governance and control for information workers across a range of self-serving data environments.

Waste Logistics & Recycling Materials Capabilities

Embedded throughout Waste Recycling One to represent total customer focus. Customer management exists in managing sales, marketing and pipeline activities, setting and assigning date-driven tasks, order management, customer service, call queues and knowledge base.
The Work Order is a fundamental part of Waste Recycling One and represents key logistics functions. The Work or Job Order can manage a vast range of industry processes. Each Work Order has a hierarchical structure that maintains Master Data for customer, supplier, transport, container, material, price and logistics movements. The Work Order also controls line level profitability of each job and can extend to manage import and export requirements, automating the reporting process required to manage each stage for that activity, collection, exchange point of entry or exit, including any statutory reporting required for the transfer of materials.
The course of vehicle is maintained in Waste Recycling One by assigning customer site, zone and sequence of job to vehicle; capacity is maintained along with third party integration to vehicle management systems and online mapping to track route timings, compliance and optimisation, in real time. Rounds and trips are maintained in Scheduling by the date and time driven order status. Transport key performance indicators (KPI’s) can be monitored by reporting on continual fulfillment from the route. Project, cost accounting, asset and maintenance can be controlled by automated transaction to integrated financial and accounting functionality.
Work Orders can be managed on a number of defined filters including depot, plant or user. The Work Order is controlled by time and date, and colour coded statuses. The order is refined along with the capacity of the route and automatically scheduled by use of an instruction method similar to a recurring calendar entry, so that manual intervention is unnecessary and repeat jobs are pre-programmed to occur on the defined customer-required cycle.
Executing the service required is an in-field operation that can be tracked with SAP in several different ways. Monitoring of any type of field operation can prove challenging. Our Smart!World Mobility solution allows field operations monitoring and management on any device, any operating system and any app, on-premise or in the Cloud, securely.
As the Work Order moves through its different stages of completion, so the confirmation management form tracks each order status in real time as changes occur from completed to invoiced. Depending on the configuration and user preferences, each job can be manual, semi or fully automated from Work Order to raising purchase and sales order through to invoice stage. Parameters that alert to breaches in tolerances, set by users, can inform when an order falls out of certain key performance criteria. For example, if the order status is set to manual and not completed within certain time frames, to speed billing process, an alert can be sent to a specified team member to monitor workflow.
Manage branches, depots and plants as separate legal entities and allocate warehousing according to project and cost centre. Make use of a range of flexible manufacturing solutions for production and reprocessing activities, asset management and equipment maintenance. Waste Recycling One connects directly to the Weighbridge to manage all inbound and outbound material movements.
Monitor Fixed Assets across the business on a branch, plant or estate basis.  Manage complex plant and equipment hierarchies, calibration, warranties, parts, asset life and depreciation. Equipment up-time is controlled by comprehensive use of preventative and corrective maintenance schedules.
Manage a range of material types with varying characteristics, including composition, yields, parent and child relationships. Manage feedstock quality from suppliers, batch-trace materials assigned to the production process and monitor output, storage and consumption for optimum power generation.
Directly linked to the job order process, the weighbridge confirms inbound and outbound material flows. Sales, purchasing and rebate transactions are raised directly from the operational job order process and passed through automated billing management.

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