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SAP Business One

ISB Global is an SAP Business One partner and global application development partner for Waste & Recycling One. SAP Business One serves small to medium sized organisations with an extensive suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions. SAP Business One is a globally supported product, has a range of prebuilt extensions and industry functions, is designed to integrate and utilise a range of additional SAP products, implemented in over 130 countries with 44 localisations.

ISB Global SAP Business One Digital Business

Digital Business

SAP Business One is the solid foundation for digital business. Automating business processes, increasing productivity, achieving access to trusted data at the right time and ensuring correct decisions are made. Manage growth with robust practices, achieve scalability, expand into different models, markets and opportunities. A platform for advance and improvement with a suite of functions and support to manage today's diverse operations.

Enterprise Class

ISB Global SAP Business One Integrated Technologies

Integrated Technologies

SAP Business One is a platform to integrate business processes. Manage sales, customer relationships, fulfilment of products and services, purchasing, accounting, financial management and banking. Allowing for quick and efficient processing of business tasks, growth and scalability, extending industry, business activity, analytics, business intelligence, cloud, mobile, big data and IoT, future proofing your organisations entire operations with business management software fit for purpose.

Trusted Lifecycle

ISB Global SAP Business One Flexible & Scalable

Flexible & Scalable

SAP Business One is prebuilt and preconfigured with a range of functions to suit a growing business and quick to implement. Deliver control and governance of business process while also giving the adaptability to suit dynamic user environments. Tailor specific functions in integrated development environments, extend departmental activities, expand to different business units while controlling every process within the enterprise.

Manage Growth

ISB Global SAP Business One Cloud Technologies (2)

Cloud Technologies

SAP Business One allows for the advantages of adaptable cloud technologies. Infrastructure, deployment, functions and extensions are easily realised, integrated and controlled. Allowing a tailored foundation to suit dynamic use. User extensibility with compliance and control. Extend and connect process, devices and equipment. Report, analyse and predict to deliver broad and comprehensive management of activity, process, data and business strategies.

Prepared Technology

ISB Global SAP Business One Global Product

Global Product

SAP Business One is one product across multiple localisations, countries and languages. Unifying and focusing the SAP ecosystem to deliver exceptional functionality with extensions and knowledge to suit industry sector. This allows for global reach and expansion in every territory, market and opportunity. Delivering easy extension, function and control of business operations, whenever, wherever, with trust and assurance of total operational oversight.

Unite Direction

ISB Global SAP Business One Supported & Maintained

Supported & Maintained

SAP Business One is sold, implemented and supported throughout the world. As an investment to run operations efficiently, the ecosystem certifies, guarantees and secures core product with a set of updates, enhancements, direction and procedures. Ensuring the extended services deliver dependable, focused and responsible upkeep of the business management software. Preserving and safeguarding the ongoing investment.

Global Safeguard

ISB Global SAP Business One Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

SAP Business One has a series of reporting, analytics and intelligence tools prebuilt and preconfigured to suit business operations and lifecycle stage. Automation and extraction of data for use is completed in process, in real time, as standard. Enhancements can be made to extend to information environments and to connect to equipment to monitor and predict on operations giving total insight to further profitable operations.

Control & Evaluation

ISB Global SAP Business One Automation & Compliance

Automation & Compliance

SAP Business One manages the complete business process by the extensive use of master data to govern and control transactions, incorporating rules, standardising input and removing duplication. Compliance processes, task and activity are controlled by master data. Ensuring conformity to the objective, sub process or comprehensive set of processes. Updates, versions and releases deliver legislation changes for localised and country compliance.

Routine Conformity

ISB Global SAP Business One Management & Administration (2)

Management & Administration

SAP Business One delivers control of multiple business processes, tasks and activities. Extensive administrative functionality governs user authorisations to multiple branches and companies. Field descriptions to multiple currencies. Document numbering to integration framework settings. Ensuring control of every business activity while granting the functionality and flexibility to speed productivity, oversight and user interaction.

Flexible Control

ISB Global SAP Business One Accounting & Financials

Accounting & Financials

SAP Business One enables control and governance of financial planning and accounting operations. Including configurable chart of accounts, cost accounting, forecasting and budgeting. Integrated banking, journal entries, templates and recurring postings. Automate reconciliation, routines, cycles and payments. Integrated extensions for function and industry deliver accuracy throughout the business process giving total profit and cost command.

Generate Revenue

ISB Global SAP Business One Purchasing Management

Purchasing Management

SAP Business One oversees costs with extensive purchasing functionality. Managing purchase requests, approvals and orders for goods and services within logistics, production routines and A/P processes. Allowing total cost transparency of products, tasks, activities, process and value-added services as internal or subcontractor activities through the value chain. Delivering oversight and administration of purchase to pay cycles.

Planned Investment

ISB Global SAP Business One Sales, CRM & Service

Sales, CRM & Service

SAP Business One delivers extensive sales order and A/R process, customer relationship and service management. Opportunity and pipeline, marketing, diary, activity assignment and management control of the sales engagement processes. Forecasting and audit of sales related activities. Sales and service management tracks parts, activities, calls and level agreements for after sales loyalty. Total sales and customer support.

Customer Alliance

ISB Global SAP Business One Inventory & Distribution

Inventory & Distribution

SAP Business One manages items, products, services, serial number, batch and logistics movements of goods and materials. Inventory transfers, issues and receipts manage the transactions between entities in the supply chain and production process. Additional inventory counting, tracking and location rules ensures that complete control exists throughout the management, value, quality and transactions of goods, services and materials.

Take Stock

ISB Global SAP Business One Production Resource Planning

Production Resource Planning

SAP Business One has extensive production ordering management capabilities with MRPI/II functionality. Bills of materials, item sets, routing, issues, receipts and work centre management controls resources, activity and effort. Lifecycle and asset management controls products and equipment. Automated GL account determination for materials and activities automates posting, controls costs and ensures profitability.

Manufacturing Control

ISB Global SAP Business One Project Management

Project Management

SAP Business One has been extended to include project management functionality. Including, stages, phases, templates, capacities and dependencies driven by comprehensive employee master data to deliver extensive planning capabilities. Time management, entry, GANTT display and reporting deliver the execution and cost control of services to the project. Ensuring easy planning, invoicing and phase control of project delivery.

Planned Work

ISB Global SAP Business One Customisable & Adaptable

Customisable & Adaptable

SAP Business One delivers business process management for growing small to medium sized business. Preconfigured, prebuilt, deploy quickly and simply with flexibility to extend industry specialisations, multi company and subsidiary management. User defined fields, tables, queries, forms, workflows and user environments. Including development environments for advanced, extended and integrated process control.

Software for Life