SAP Business One for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

SAP and ISB Global business applications, analytics, mobile, cloud, database and technology solutions have all been designed to help streamline and automate business processes; mitigating risk and reducing the costs of doing business.

We help small to mid-sized companies in the waste, recycling, energy and environmental sectors utilise the benefits of the SAP Business One portfolio of pre-configured, cost effective, software solutions.

SAP has developed a range of software solutions, SAP Business One, designed to support the growth of small and mid-sized companies, helping them to maximise resources and operate with greater efficiency. Together, SAP and ISB Global help to improve organisation-wide financial management and profitability, help to drive business growth and deliver real-time management information to support enhanced decision making.

ISB Global helps organisations to run integrated process management, analytics and mobility solutions that deliver tangible business benefits. The SAP Business One portfolio is designed specifically with small, mid-sized and subsidiary business in mind and can help improve operational efficiency and enhance customer relationships across marketing, service and sales channels. Options are available for broad range of business type, budget, time frame and IT preference, but share some common requirements:

  • Pre-packaged solution
  • Cost-effective (low TCO)
  • Scalable & flexible
  • Rapid, risk-free deployment
  • Available on-premise or from the Cloud

SAP Business One is used by organisations worldwide to streamline and automate business processes, reduce risk, improve financial management and support more informed decision making. Simple, secure access to real-time insight and critical business applications are helping small businesses to drive down costs and stimulate rapid growth.


Why choose SAP Business One?

Complete Solutions

SAP and the SAP Partner Network deliver a complete set of integrated solutions, designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses

Industry Leaders

SAP and the SAP Partner Network are recognised as having an in-depth understanding of a wide range of vertical markets


SAP and the SAP Partner Network offer a wide range of options to suit the way you do business

Instant Value

Rapid deployment and delivery ensure you receive a swift return on your investment in technology


Analytics from  SAP and the SAP Partner Network provide insight and analysis to support enhanced decision-making


SAP and the SAP Partner Network continue to lead the market in business process management, application development and innovative solutions


SAP and the SAP Partner Network design solutions that scale effortlessly, enabling businesses to react quickly to changes in their dynamic market

SAP Business One Solution Overview



SAP and the SAP Partner Network have a global presence in more than 130 countries; supporting your business wherever you are in the world

Key Solution Capabilities

Essential to managing the end-to-end process is one set of Master Data in one software solution. Master Data such as Customer and Supplier data, Prices, Materials, Material Codes, Unit of Measure, Containers and Vehicles are maintained, referenced and calculated against through the business processes in SAP Business One.

The result, greater control of activities, costs and profitability. Maintaining a set of rules through the process. Eradicating the need for additional software applications, consolidating process by automating activities and integrating functions, departments and tasks so the business is accurate, efficient and delivers effective customer service, profitably.

A key component of the value proposition is integrated Finance & Accounting. This allows automated journal transactions to specified Nominal Codes in the General Ledger, including project and cost accounting, dimensions, departments, with distribution rules and including fixed assets if required.

Customer, Supplier and Materials transactions all have predetermined General Ledger Account Determination. So a transaction can be posted correctly manually or automatically according to preference. Ensuring that finance teams have a tightly controlled and clearly auditable process. In contrast to difficult paper and data trail from separate accounts and operational systems.

When a transaction has been completed, it can be invoiced in bulk or individually, depending on user preferences, using SAP Crystal Reports embedded in the solution.

Once the invoice has been completed and is ready to send it can be dispatched, automatically or semi-automatically via email and archived within the Customer or Supplier Relationship Management activities. The activity is completely auditable and as in one software solution can be traced back right through to quote, order, invoice, automated banking payment transactions and corresponding ledger determination.

SAP Crystal Reports is packaged free of charge in SAP Business One. This allows the company to produce, modify and scale their own flexible reporting suite to match the needs of the business.

Reports can be triggered within a range of business process instead of raising manually, driving efficiency and providing better information to the organisation automatically. Combining operational and financial information can be completed instantly with no technical knowledge. Company objectives and key performance indicators are easily set to drive value through easy to understand visualisations that encourage engagement and interaction. From here the business can scale using advanced analysis, gaining competitive advantage to predict trends and forecast, while identifying opportunities and improving decision making.